Chef Patissier Yusuke Matsushita and Chef Chocolatier Yukio Takagi create "RAU" desserts with the concept of "making the scene into a shape." Not only the taste and design, but also the production process of each dessert has a story. The chef's knowledge, experience, and sensibilities are strongly reflected in various products such as the impressively shaped fresh confectionery "dessert" and Bean to Bar * chocolate.
The only chocolate used in RAU's sweets is homemade bean to bar chocolate made from organic cacao, an original blend of RAU from Costa Rica, Central America.
In search of the ideal cocoa beans, Chocolatier traveled to a small Costa Rican plantation and co-developed it with trusted local producers. You can enjoy the sweets that you can feel the various scenes born from the thoughts of the producers put in the ingredients and the thoughts of the pastry chef put in the sweets using those ingredients, in a store like a museum. ..

* Bean to Bar: A manufacturing method that pursues the ideal taste by managing the entire process from cacao beans to chocolate in-house.

category Patisserie & Chocolate
Floor 1F
Opening Hours 10:00~19:00
ClosedAccording to the facility


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