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Parking Lot
(GOOD NATURE STATION parking lot < P1 > )
Capacity Approximately 200
Charge The first hour 600 yen / 60 minutes after that 300 yen / 30 minutes
Available time 10: 00-23: 30
* Only for hotel guests 6: 30-23: 30
When using the parking lot at hotel accommodation
1 night From 12:00 on the day to 12:00 on the next day
3,000 yen (300 yen / 30 minutes after hours)
  • The parking space has C and D, and the elevator has C and D.
  • The hotel entrance is 4D. If you are parking on a floor other than 4D, use the D elevator to reach 4D.
    (If you use C elevator, get off at 4C, transfer to D elevator, and get off at 4D)

■Caution (Please be sure to check)

  • When staying at a hotel, please be sure to park at GOOD NATURE STATION (P1) (parking ticket text color: green).
  • Please tell the entrance guide that you are staying at the hotel.
  • Please be sure to show your parking ticket to the front desk at check-in. (If you do not show it, you may not be able to receive accommodation benefits.)
  • You cannot move in and out at night (23:30-6:30).
  • If you make a mistake in parking at the Takashimaya parking lot (P2), you will be charged for parking at the Takashimaya parking lot.
    Hotel accommodation is not eligible for 3,000 yen per night. (300 yen/30 minutes) x Parking fee will be charged.
Same-day usage at both Takashimaya Kyoto stores
More than 5,000 yen (tax included) 2 hours free (300 yen every 30 minutes thereafter)
More than 50,000 yen (tax included) Free for 3 hours (300 yen every 30 minutes thereafter)
  • Please present your parking ticket at both facilities at the time of purchase.
  • The amount is for GOOD NATURE STATION and Takashimaya Kyoto store (additional).
  • The same special treatment can be used at Takashimaya direct parking lot <P2>.
  • If you do not present your parking ticket at the time of purchase, you may not be able to use preferential treatment because charges cannot be combined.
  • There are stores, products, and services that are not eligible for some parking lot special treatment services.



Bicycle parking
Charge Free for up to 3 hours, 100 yen per hour thereafter
Available time 6:30-23:30

Guidance in the hall

    • Nursing room