Privacy Policy

◆ Handling of personal information
BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is committed to proper management of customers’ personal information and pays the utmost attention to preventing leakage, loss, and damage of personal information. In addition, when outsourcing tasks such as operation of this website or use or management of a customer's personal information, the handling of this personal information is strictly supervised and managed.
◆ Scope of application
◆ Purpose of collecting and using personal information
Personal information collected from customers is used for the following purposes.
  • For use by this company in providing products and services to customers
  • To accurately inform customers of information such as services and new products
  • To make contact with customers as needed
  • For marketing activities
  • For development and improvement of products and services

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その他、お客様がブラウザの変更、Cookie の削除および新しいコンピューターヘ変更等をされた場合には再度オプトアウトが必要となりますのでご留意ください。

当社の運営するウェブサイトでは、Googleによるアクセス解析ツール「Googleアナリティクス」を利用しています。このGoogleアナリティクスはトラフィックデータ(当社の運営するウェブサイトへの訪問の有無、会員ID、訪問回数や閲覧履歴等)の収集のためにCookieを使用しています。このトラフィックデータは匿名で収集されており、個人を特定するものではありません。Google Analyticsにより収集された情報は、Googleの設置するサーバーに転送され、当社は、当社が保有するお客様情報と組み合わせて上記利用目的のため当該情報を利用することがあります。

  • Google アナリティクス リマーケティング
  • Google ディスプレイ ネットワークのインプレッション レポート
  • Google アナリティクスのユーザー属性とインタレスト カテゴリに関するレポート
  • 広告掲載目的のデータ収集(広告 Cookie と識別子によるデータ収集を含む)のために
◆Google アナリティクスを必要とする統合サービスについて
また、当社は、Google アナリティクスの Cookieとサードパーティ Cookieを組み合わせて、Webサイトに関する広告や分析(リマーケティングユーザーリストの作成、ユーザー属性とインタレストカテゴリに関するレポートの表示など)のために使用することがあります。
当社の運営するウェブサイトでは、GoogleアナリティクスのUser ID向け機能を有効にしCookieを使用しています。User ID向け機能を有効にすることにより、当社は、Googleアナリティクスの分析情報を取得してお客様の個人情報として利用することがあります。
◆ Disclosure to third parties
The company will not disclose your registered personal information to a third party without your consent, except in the case of joint use or when delegating work to a business partner.​ ​
Also, when disclosure is required by law, or if it can be reasonably judged that it is necessary to protect and safeguard the rights, property, safety, etc. of this company or its customers, information may be disclosed without the customer’s consent.
◆ Procedures for disclosure of personal data held
For details, please clickhere.
◆ Contact point regarding personal data held

5F, Keihan Shijokawaramachi Building, 338 Tominaga-cho, Kawaramachi-dori Shijo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, 600-8023
(Open 9 AM to 12 PM, 1 PM to 5 PM *Excluding weekends, holidays, and New Year holidays)

Procedures for disclosure of personal data

Please enclose requests for disclosure, etc. with the designated disclosure request form, documents required for identity verification, and the required fee (only for requests for disclosure or notification of purpose of use), then send by simple registered mail or bring in person to the contact point for personal data. Disclosure will be provided in writing, and will be mailed to the individual’s address by simple registered mail.
◆ Documents required for request
  1. (1)​ ​Request form for disclosure of personal data held​ ​(PDF: 135KB)
    Please click to download and print, fill in the required items, and mark with personal seal. If you cannot download the file, please direct an inquiry to the contact point.
  2. (2) Documents to be submitted for identity verification

    Please enclose one of the following copies. In all cases, please make a copy of the part with your name and address.

    • Driver’s license
    • Passport
    • Government-issued photo ID card (in case of Individual Number Card, only the front side)
    • Health insurance holder’s card
    • Pension Passbook

    In addition, when a request for disclosure under (1) bears an official seal, a seal certification document (original) may be attached in place of any of the above documents.

◆ Requests for disclosure, etc. by proxy
In addition to documents (1) and (2) above, please also enclose the following document (A or B).
  1. A. In the case of proxy under law
    1. i) A document confirming authority to act as proxy
      Legal proxy for a minor: Certificate of Items Stated in Resident Register
      Legal proxy for an adult: Certificate of Registered Matters
    2. ii) A document confirming authority to act as legal proxy
      A set of documents equivalent to (2) above
  2. B. In the case of proxy by delegated authority
    1. i) Authorization document
      In the case of proxy under delegated authority (power of attorney)
    2. ii) A document confirming authority to act as proxy
      A set of documents equivalent to (2) above
◆ Administrative fees for disclosure, etc.
  • Admin fees​ ​
    ​ ​A fee of 1,000 yen will apply to each request made to notify of purpose of use or disclose personal data held. There are no fees for requesting other forms of disclosure.
  • Payment method
    ​ ​Please enclose a 1,000 yen fixed amount postal money order with the necessary documents. If you come to the contact point directly, you can also pay in cash.
◆ Important Points
  1. (1) If there are any deficiencies in the designated request documents (including identification documents), disclosure may not be possible.
  2. (2) If the fee is insufficient or not enclosed, disclosure will not be possible.
  3. (3) In the case of a request for disclosure, etc. made by proxy, disclosure will not be made if right of proxy cannot be confirmed. We may contact the individual in question to confirm legitimacy of proxy.
  4. (4) When making a request for disclosure, etc., please be sure to specify the desired personal data held.​ ​
    ​ ​(Example) Details of transactions with the company, direct mail sent from the Company, etc.
    ​ ​In case of requests for amendments, suspension of use, etc., a request for disclosure must first be made; in particular, the relevant personal data held must be identified.​ ​
    ​ ​(Please note that in this case, a fee of 1,000 yen is required for disclosure)
  5. (5) Please note that it may take some time to deliver the documents for disclosure, due to the verification and matching procedures for personal data held.
  6. (6) If we find that we do not hold the personal data in question, we will notify you of this fact, but the designated fee will not be returned.
  7. (7) If there is some risk of harm befalling the life, health, property, or other rights or interests of either the individual in question or a third party, or if it would significantly impair the proper running of this company’s business, or would violate the law, this information will be withheld, either in whole or in part, and the company will send notification to that effect. In such cases, the designated fee will not be returned.
  8. (8) Personal information provided in the request for disclosure, etc. will be used to the extent necessary for the identification procedure, verification with personal data held, and disclosure procedures such as communication with the individual in question or their proxy. Also, submitted documents will not be returned.
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