Aiming for a restaurant "ERUTAN" Creating stores that circulate nature

Aiming for a restaurant "ERUTAN" Creating stores that circulate nature

"ERUTAN RESTAURANT / BAR", which opens on the first floor of the GOOD NATURE STATION, is a place where you can casually enjoy high-quality seasonal flavors throughout the day, from breakfast to lunch, tea time, and dinner. Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, the first Japanese owner chef in Milan, Italy, supervised the menu. The transit general office, which handles a number of restaurants in Japan, will be in charge of producing and operating the store together with Chef Tokuyoshi. How did you understand the concept of the facility, "GOOD NATURE", and reflected it in your store development? With a message from Chef Tokuyoshi, ERUTAN "The transit general office PR staff talked about the birth behind the scenes.


We activate area by restaurant



Transit General Office operates approximately 110 restaurants in Japan, mainly in Kanto, including Osaka, and produces commercial facilities, shared offices and hotels. In Kansai, "Ice Monster" (shaved ice) and "ALL DAY COFFEE" (coffee stand), and in Tokyo, "Apollo" (modern Greek restaurant) in Ginza and "Flateri Paradiso" (Italian dining) in Omotesando All the shops that everyone has visited once. We produce various types of restaurants nationwide from casual to high-end. Under such circumstances, we are focusing not only on restaurant management, but also on revitalizing local communities around the store.


In Kamikatsu-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, known for the “Zero Waste Declaration” (an effort to eliminate waste), we also produce projects such as micro brewery. As a practice of zero waste, there is reuse without throwing away waste materials and old joinery. A craft beer factory with a unique appearance. Next spring, we will refrain from opening new facilities related to Zero Waste activities.



Transit General Office: “More than 20 years have passed since the establishment of the garbage station, which is the base of our activities, and there has been a rush to visit Kamikatsu-cho from around the world. The research lab and the inn facility for inspectors will open in the spring of 2020. The facility is called WHY because it looks like a question mark when the whole facility is seen from the sky. "


The company's field is expanding year by year, including consulting for the luxury sleeper train Shikishima, operated by JR East, and the production of the present-generation Shinkansen.


ERUTAN menu creation

New encounters and projects are born from such a wide range of relationships. So how did you go about building a store at GOOD NATURE STATION?


Transit General Office: “When a new project is decided, we will assemble our team that decides the details. In this case, we are a long-time discussion based on the concept of“ GOOD NATURE ”. Yoji Tokuyoshi was named, and I was very interested because I knew that the chef was a person who enjoyed the request that came to me as well as our spirit. ''


Chef Tokuyoshi visits the production areas and producers on a regular basis, and inspires them with the ingredients they come up with to create dishes. At ERUTAN, while exchanging information with buyers who are also in charge of purchasing ingredients in line with GOOD NATURE MARKET, rice from Omi dandelion village, which is cultivated by flat-grown eggs and circulating farming, focusing on seasonal organic vegetables harvested in Kyoto And so on. As we looked back, “It seems that new ideas emerged one after another when we actually got those ingredients, and the menu was changed until just before opening,” the menu of “ERUTAN” was shaped while facing each individual ingredient. I went.



In the morning, you can enjoy chef's original chiffon fritterta with plenty of 20 kinds of vegetables, various delicatessens, popular boulingerie bread as well as Japanese food.



Lunch will be centered on “ERUTAN LUNCH”, a set of three-tiered antipasto with appetizers and seasonal pasta and dolce.



At Teatime, we offer handmade Dolce, including tiramisu that the chef learned from an Italian grandma, and organic tea.




The Tokuyoshi chef's restaurant is mainly course food, but ERUTAN's dinner time is à la carte. A casual style to be shared in large numbers, including one of the chef's signature dishes, “Ultimate Egg Sand” that uses Uji's flat eggs and truffles made from Kyoto's egg sand scene. You can enjoy your favorite time with a selection of natural wines from Italy.



Prosciutto ham is likely to become a specialty that can be enjoyed throughout the day. The ham cut by the Berker Slicer, also known as “Slicer Ferrari”, used by Chef Tokuyoshi in Italy, is as thin as a robe. Softly melts in your mouth. Regarding the completed lineup, Chef Tokuyoshi says:


Tokuyoshi: “Erutan wanted to eat a lot of delicious vegetables from Kyoto. We also had a menu in Milan. One of them is a finish-up pizza served at dinner time. Milan's latest style where you can freely combine your own dome-shaped pizza dough with ingredients such as fresh ricotta cheese made with Kyoto Miyama milk and Kyoto mizuna "


In addition, “Toku Taku” and “Pig Rotoro” (both of which are completely reserved by the end of the year) are also on menu. At the same time as Transit's interpretation of “ GOOD NATURE ”, the lineup is very fulfilling so that you can enjoy the individuality of Chef Tokuyoshi.


Active in eliminating food loss

In addition to providing delicious meals, “ERUTAN” is actively tackling issues in the food and beverage industry, such as food loss.



Transit General Office: “As you can see from the opposite side of ERUTAN, it is important to continue as much as we can within the sustainability that is the concept of the facility. “MOTTAINAI” jam that I heard is a word that can be used all over the world.It is a jam that uses the edges, leaves, roots, etc. of vegetables that are produced at the cooking stage.It is served as a cake for breakfast or teatime. So the flavor of the jam changes every time. ''


Chef Tokuyoshi who has visited Kyoto many times in a very busy setting up restaurants in Milan and Tokyo. I am eager to continue to communicate in the future.



Tokuyoshi: “ Kyoto is one of my favorite cities. I'm glad to be able to express it. From now on, I will propose seasonal menus at ERUTAN. I want to make it happen. ''


“ERUTAN” is a relaxing space with green, the color of plants, and brown, the color of soil and wood. Menus, ingredients, interiors, services, a lot of “ GOOD NATURE ” devices that tickle you.



Opening Hours

Morning | 7: 00 to 10:00 <LO 9:30>

Lunch | 11: 30-14: 00 <LO 14:00>

Cafe | 14: 00-17: 30 <LO 17:00>

Dinner | 17: 30-23: 00 <LO Food 22: 00 / Drink 22:30>

Bar | 10: 00-23: 00 <LO 22:30>


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