Concept and feelings

people and nature
something good.

It is already important for us who live now.
However, I think that facing health and the environment stoically is a little different from essential happiness.
What we need in the coming era is a lifestyle that allows us to take in healthy and good things in our own way while having fun instead of putting up with it.
That is the new concept of “GOOD NATURE”.
Taking advantage of the wisdom of respecting nature that has been rooted in Kyoto since ancient times and incorporating it into our lives, we will propose things and things that are comfortable and enjoyable for both nature and people.

  1. "Is it good for you?" GOOD for Health
  2. "Is it good for your heart?" GOOD for Minds
  3. "Is it good for the area?" GOOD for Locals
  4. "Is it good for society?" GOOD for Social
  5. "Is it good for the earth?" GOOD for Earth

"Healthy and happy for the body, mind, community, society, and the earth" is GOOD NATURE 's products and things.

Three services born


Shopping / restaurant

"GOOD NATURE STATION" is a place where you can enjoy a comfortable, fun and healthy lifestyle, taking Kyoto of the wisdom of incorporating nature into your life.
The "conductor" that seamlessly connects the hall will propose the best things and things.
Why don't you start by incorporating one point "GOOD NATURE" into your life?

Only what you can believe
Delicious and fun.

PayPay Mall (which handles alcoholic beverages)PayPay Mall (which handles alcoholic beverages)PayPay Mall (which handles alcoholic beverages)


The Hotel

It is the first hotel in the world to acquire the WELL Building Standard™ (WELL Certification), which certifies buildings that are environmentally and health-conscious, in the hotel version evaluation standard.
We offer a healthy breakfast made with carefully selected ingredients.
We also offer wonderful experiences that will purify your body and mind, such as yoga, Qigong, and harvesting crops.
We will contribute to the realization of a recycling-oriented society through local production for local consumption, sustainable economic growth rooted in support for production areas, and by carefully selecting materials that are particular about sustainability.

03Original brand

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