Enjoy things that are good
for the body and mind.​ ​
is a new lifestyle we're
promoting straight from Kyoto.
"Good for people and nature."
This way of living is a given 
for most of us.
But mundanely caring for our health and the environment 
does not equal being happy.
What the current generation needs is not to be overly minimalistic, 
but to incorporate healthy habits into their lifestyles
 and to enjoy doing so.
That is the new "GOOD NATURE" way of thinking.
Our goal is to provide services that are 
good for people and nature by applying
 the traditional Kyoto custom of respecting nature 
and incorporating that wisdom into everyday life. 
We hope our guests will enjoy beginning the next chapter of life with this new way of living.
Making sure that the body, mind, local area, society, and earth
 are happy and healthy.
These are the top priorities of GOOD NATURE.