[KG+2024] Early exhibition: Atsuko Suzuki “Appear” 4/13 (Sat) - 30 (Tue)



[KG+2024] Early exhibition: Atsuko Suzuki “Appear” 4/13 (Sat) - 30 (Tue)

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GOOD NATURE STATION 4F GALLERY will continue to be the venue for KG+ in 2024, allowing you to see the works of up-and-coming artists.
we will be holding a solo exhibition titled "Appear" by photographer Atsuko Suzuki fromApril 13th (Sat) to the 30th (Tue).As part of the first half of the exhibition,

* * *


Suzuki has used the medium of photography to create works that express doubts and uncertainty that arise from the boundary between "inside and outside" that intersects with traces of memory and the world beyond. In his previous work, "lmitation Bijou," he explored "truth and falsehood" in relation to the self and the world that includes an uncertain society, and these questions continue to transform.

Suzuki has stated about his photography that "rather than taking pictures, it's closer to the feeling of being present at the scene..." and "It's like taking the experience that was there, transforming it into something different, and bringing it back into memory..." Experiences are layers of the mind and body that accumulate as memories as people live their lives, and looking at the current world through these layers and the faint traces that remain on the body is an important element at the starting point of Suzuki's work.

This latest work, "Appear," is composed of photographs selected from past shoots, and gives the impression of the coexistence of light and shadow, which is a consistent feature of the artist's work, and scenes that seem to be somewhere between memory and the real world. The images that emerged from the artist's attempt to express the presence (and absence) of an object in a photograph by gazing at an object that is certainly in front of him (or that must have been there) and pressing the shutter when he is influenced in some way, contain not only the essence of perception but also the origin of things, and question the impossibility of succinctly replacing information with words in a world where information instantly becomes meaningful.

* * *

[KG+2024] First half of the exhibition: Atsuko Suzuki "Appear"
Event period: April 13th (Sat) - April 30th (Tue), 2023, 10:00-20:00
Location: GOOD NATURE STATION 4th floor Hotel Lobby GALLERY Free admission

📸 Artist Talk
[Date and time] April 28th (Sun) 14:00-15:30
[Guest] Aki Kusumoto (photo critic, curator)
[Moderator] Yuki Nakazawa (Director of kyotographie KG+)
[Participation Fee] 500 yen
[Capacity] 20 people (reservation required)★We will start accepting reservations soon.

📷Artist introduction
Atsuko Suzuki
Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1981. Major exhibitions include "Appear" (PANTALOON/Osaka) in 2023, "Imitation Bijou" (Visual Arts Gallery/Osaka, Alt_Medium/Tokyo) in 2021, and "Higashikawa Town Artist in Residence Exhibition" (Higashikawa Town, Hokkaido) in 2015. He published the photo book "Imitation Bijou" (DOOKS) in 2019 and the photo book "Appear" (edition.nord) in 2023.

📚Photobook "Appear"

Scroll books: 27cm x 7m 3,500 yen (+tax 3,850 yen)
Written by: "Light Shining into the World" by Takahiro Ito (Curator Kyoto Photographic Art Museum)
Translated by: Tsetse Robert
Design: Shin Akiyama + Keiko Miyahara | edition.nord
Printing and binding: Chiku Chiku Laboratory Kobe
Publisher: edition.nord
This photo book is a series of scroll books that selects 16 abstract photographs from Atsuko Suzuki's recent works that have the power to strongly evoke the imagination of each reader. When you look at the central photograph, you feel the lingering impression of the previous photograph and the foreshadowing of the next photograph, and you experience a deep visual time that is connected. It is expected that the scrolls will penetrate and resonate deeply into your memory by being viewed while slowly unfolding them, which is a characteristic of how scrolls are read.
*Photo books are available for sale at the exhibition venue. Please speak to a staff member if you are interested.

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