4 days until opening, behind the scenes of preparations

4 days until opening, behind the scenes of preparations

GOOD NATURE STATION which has uncovered the construction work and has an appearance in Kawaramachi dori. I often see people who are still watching the new facilities. 4 days until the opening. Each floor is now in the midst of preparations to welcome you. You can see the scene behind the scenes.



Organic vegetables, fruits and rice are lined up just after entering the entrance facing Kawaramachi Dori. The import of the fixtures is finally over, and we are thinking about a display method. Only in places that can be seen well from the outside, the spirit enters.





This is rice delivered from "Omi Sonoda Farm", which operates recycling agriculture in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture. The idea of decorating the rice fields with fruits to give the farmers a sense of polite work. I'm looking forward to what kind of sales floors will be completed.


The GOOD NATURE MARKET on the first floor has an original food brand that uses organic vegetables. SIZEN TO OZEN There are also a variety of products. The display work is also progressing.




The sales staff members say that they want to convey the story behind each product to customers. To that end, we visited the producers themselves and observed how pesticide-free cultivation was actually conducted. market I have deepened my understanding of what is in line. I want to tell customers not just selling things, but how they are made and what is “ GOOD NATURE ”.



An example of a device for that is in this cardboard box. These are organic compost made from recycled food waste. GOOD NATURE STATION Composting And I'm trying to work on recycling farming that uses them to grow crops. In the sales floor on the first floor, we will introduce such examples.



In addition, a wine tasting machine is tested on the first floor. The world's sommeliers / importers line up in the wine corner on the first floor. Kensuke Hasegawa Natural wines from around the world selected by Ms. It is still a rare machine in Japan that allows customers to sample what they are interested in (free of charge).


Simulation for opening


The original sweets brand “in the back of the first floor” RAU At the patisserie, there is a lecture about customer service for the opening. Divided into customer roles and staff roles, stand at the actual sales floor and check the manuals to see if there are any improvements for better customer service.



Casual dining ERUTAN However, operations were being confirmed, such as guiding customers from their visits to their seats and receiving actual orders to carry dishes. Since the opening day of December 9, we have been making preparations to make customers feel comfortable shopping and eating.




Original cosmetic brand on the 3rd floor NEMOHAMO At the sales floor, the creation of fixtures is almost over and the final adjustment of the display is underway.



“I want to know that there are various products for those who have been thinking of“ Is this OK? ”, And I want to use it to change my consciousness and incorporate better things into my life. “I want it to be a place where such opportunities can be provided,” says the staff.


For this purpose, a sink that was not at the initial design stage was introduced at the staff's suggestion. It is one of the ideas to convey the actual feeling of use such as the washing comfort of soap. In addition, the diffuser spreads the aroma of the aroma throughout the sales floor. You can see, touch, taste the scent, and experience the world of NEMOHAMO with your five senses.



In addition to cosmetics, the product lineup of Japanese essential oils boasts the largest lineup in Japan. When you open the small drawer, you will find essential oils of various scents. It is a device for you to have fun experiencing your favorite fragrances.



On the 3rd floor there will also be a Shop “KA SO KE KI” that handles gifts and crafts.



Here are items and gifts for women with the theme of holistic beauty. The image is my room as if the back is a closet. Through a simulated experience that a lot of nice things are lined up in a relaxing atmosphere, the space is set so that you can imagine a life surrounded by high-quality items.



“KA SO KE KI” also includes Products, a modern arrangement of traditional crafts centered on Kyoto. The traditional industry is rooted in Kyoto because there are many creators who continue to communicate the technology to the present age. Products is packed with the essence of new discoveries of craftsmen such as ware, braids and accessories.


3F | RAU



On the 3rd floor, there is an original sweets brand “RAU” workshop and cafe. The workshop is in the midst of preparations and prototypes for opening. Pastry chef And Patissieres The staff were busy.



On the 4th floor GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO At the counter, the hotel's core system was set up.




At the same time, in addition to the confirmation and listing of hotel reservations that have already begun, we are also confirming operations from check-in.


A major feature of GOOD NATURE STATION is that it is a stay-type facility where you can experience the concept of “ GOOD NATURE ” not only for shopping and dining, but also for accommodation. “Because of the length of time we interact with customers, we need to look at customers from various perspectives and feel that hospitality is required. The rooms are also characteristic, so if you can enjoy the entire facility,” the front staff said. Speaks.


4F | Hyssop

Café / Restaurant & Bar based on the healing power of plants Hyssop In the kitchen of "", there is no doubt about recipe testing and preparation.




On the other hand, cutlery and glasses are checked outside the kitchen. In addition, we are brushing up customer service and operations through the exchange of opinions between staff.






Backyard struggle

If the staff engaged in sales and service are the front faces of the GOOD NATURE STATION they interact with customers, the Purchasing Department is the strongest supporter. The Purchasing Department's job is to place orders for better products at the right price and the best timing according to the wishes of the facility employees, and to manage the delivery. GOOD NATURE STATION purchases are veterans who have traveled across various facilities in the Keihan Group.




On this day, food, containers and materials were brought in. The staff is working at the back yard and full rotation.


All staff members are preparing for the upcoming opening of business while holding their own thoughts in their heart. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.


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