Measures for prevention of new coronavirus infection at GOOD NATURE STATION and cooperation of visitors


■ Please refrain from entering the museum if you are not feeling well or have a fever.
■ Please cooperate with us when you come wearing a mask.
■ Since disinfectants are installed at each entrance of the building, please disinfect your fingers with alcohol as appropriate.
■ Please cooperate in ensuring the social distance in the hall.
■ In order to avoid congestion, some stores may restrict admission as necessary.
■ A shield is installed near the counter such as the cash register to prevent droplet infection.
■ Before the cash register, the floor is marked with tape to keep a distance of 1 m or more.
■ At restaurants, the number of tables is thinned out to ensure an interval of 1 m or more. Also, if you wish, you can sit side by side and sit diagonally.
■ The staff in the hall measures the temperature, thoroughly wash their hands, and wear masks.
■ We carry out alcohol sterilization work in places that many customers touch.
■ All hand dryers and smoking rooms installed in the restroom will be suspended for the time being.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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