Sparkling coffee with herbal aroma - Making herbal cordial and coffee blends -


Sparkling coffee with herbal aroma - Making herbal cordial and coffee blends -


Entry fee:
4,200 yen (tax included)
GOOD NATURE STATION 3rd floor studio

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Sparkling coffee with herbal aroma
~Making herbal cordials and coffee blends~

This is a coffee and tea Shop perfect for summer that you can participate in at GOOD NATUER STATION.
For a refreshing summer drink, Create your own set of blends.

Syrup "cordial" made with plenty of herbs and soda, Pour coffee into this to create a special sparkling drink perfect for summer.
After enjoying a refreshing drink, Herb blends for cordials and blended coffee are available. It will be made in an original way.
The two original blends we created are You can recreate your own special drink at home.

The materials used for blending are We offer refreshing flavors that are delicious in the summer and go well with carbonated drinks.
Coffee beans are A specialty drink with a refreshing, light taste and plenty of fruit flavor. Hee,Herbs include those with refreshing scents such as citrus, Each of us has something that can be added to change the color and enjoy the look. Thank you.

① First, a special cordial made with beans and leaves Enjoy some sparkling coffee.

② We asked participants to make both a cordial blend and a coffee blend. to come.
The characteristics and individuality of the herbs and coffee beans used in the blend We will briefly explain:
You can actually pick up the ingredients and feel their colors and scents.

③Please choose your favorite material, We will also decide on the mix after consultation.
Let's create your own unique color, scent and taste together.

④Original cordial blend The blended coffee is now complete.

The two completed blends are: You can also combine it with soda to recreate a special drink at home. Cordial soda and iced coffee You can also enjoy it separately as hot coffee.
Various recipes (cordial & sparkling coffee/ Cordial syrup/Iced coffee/Cold-brewed tea) I will give you the recipe along with instructions, A set that allows you to enjoy many different flavors at home is now complete. vinegar.

[What to take home on the day]
・1 bag of cordial blend
・1 bag of blended coffee
・Free cold brew tea
・Text with various recipes

※ Cordial syrup is This is a recipe that you can complete at home.
*You can choose between ground or bean coffee.
We can also provide original wrapping, It is also recommended as a summer gift.

*This is an example of wrapping from Shop we held in the past.

[Shop details]
■Date and time: Sunday, August 11, 2024 14:00-16:00
■Venue: GOOD NATUER STATION 3rd floor studio
■ Capacity: 8 people (minimum number of participants: 3 people)
■ Target age: Elementary school students and above
■Participation fee: 4,200 yen (tax included) Advance payment by credit card at time of reservation
■ What to bring/wear: Nothing in particular
■Reservation deadline: August 8, 2024 (3 days before the event)

Click here to make a reservation:
*100% cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made after 7pm the day before the event.

[Previous Shop scene] Making summer​ ​blends with coffee and tea

☕Instructor profile
beans and leaves
In charge of black tea: Megumi Inozuka (left) In charge of coffee: Yuko Takeuchi (right)

A coffee and tea Shop unit mainly active in Kyoto and Shiga.
Through Shop, we are telling you about the charm of coffee and tea, how to enjoy them, etc.

▼Introduction to Instagram
Beans and leaves:
Bean teacher in charge of coffee (Yuko Takeuchi):
Leaf tea teacher (Megumi Izuka):

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