The key person who connects the hall seamlessly What is "conductor"?

The key person who connects the hall seamlessly What is "conductor"?

Women standing in the front area of GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO. This is the name of the conductor, the staff who will guide you to the guests. They are not only tourist guides for the surrounding area, but also support and advise on staying in the hotel as a bridge connecting the shopping floor and the hotel. This time, let's take a look at “conductors” from the birth of conductors in hotels to detailed business contents, and introduce them.


Create a chance to meet "funny!"


GOOD NATURE Born at HOTEL KYOTO, a conductor named Conductor. Four women (two each day) are stationed at the reception area of the hotel and await guests. In general hotels, there is a concierge that responds to various requests and consultations of customers, but this conductor responds to tourist information around the hotel and restaurant reservations like a concierge, as well as GOOD NATURE STATION and GOOD NATURE All floors of HOTEL KYOTO ・ Introducing the latest information, products and services of Shop, and also serve as a guide to enjoy the hotel while staying You.




"It is in a commercial facility with a new concept called GOOD NATURE STATION" is our hotel's greatest strength. To take advantage of this, I thought it was necessary to have a role to move around the building seamlessly, collect information, and communicate it to customers. As a guide, not only responding to customer demands like a concierge, but also staying at the GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO, such as providing information on products, services, and the latest information in the building, I feel fresh. I want to create opportunities to meet people, things, and things that we should recommend –––––. Let's aim for a new way of movement that is not bound by the concierge frame! Inspired by the word STATION, a guide named “conductor (= conductor, meaning conductor)” was born.


What role does a conductor play?



Conductors are stationed in the front area of the hotel and provide tourist information and help customers, but the most important thing is a guided tour called “ GOOD NATURE WALK”, which runs from 16:00 every day. This tour for guests will introduce the events and pop-up Shop that will be held on the day while guiding you through the floors, Shop, and highlights from the 1st floor to the 4th floor, and enjoy simple tastings and tastings It is content that you can enjoy. There is always something new in the museum, so no matter how many times you participate, no two tours are the same. You can experience the season of GOOD NATURE STATION on that day.


The conductor, the tour guide, communicates closely with all staff and is familiar with all the information on GOOD NATURE STATION all floors, Shop, products and services. In other words, all information in the museum is gathered by them. Seamlessly connect the hotel floor and the shopping floor that you tend to think of separately. That is one of the major roles they play.


4 unique conductors

The four conductors serving as guides are very rich in their individuality. There are a variety of things that you are good at and things you like, so there are also features in the guidance.



Ayaka Yamazaki

"I also worked at a hotel in my previous job at the front desk. Since I've been involved in work at the hotel, I always put up an antenna so that I can quickly feel the needs of customers. My favorite is the lobby floor on the 4th floor with this front desk.I feel that we are the conductor who can talk with customers most easily with simple check-in / out support and tourist information around the hotel. It would be great if we could become a “walking advertising tower” that conveys the charm of the museum and increase the number of GOOD NATURE STATION fans. ”



Mayumi Shimada

"A few years ago, while working for a cosmetics company, I went to a school of incense, but in the wake of an allergy, I continued to study with qualifications for essential oils and medical herbs. I was interested in studying photography at the College of Art, where I was a member of society, and during my school days, I was immersed in making photographic works that visualized the sense of smell, making use of my experience so far. I hope that I can tell you how to use it and how good it is, using the ingredients and cosmetics from the market as well as the experience of overcoming allergies. I am also looking forward to sharing information on various art in Kyoto! "



Matsumi Narumi

"I used to work as a graphic designer at an advertising company. I was sick and ill after my previous job, and I started to get interested in organic foods. I am excited about the GOOD NATURE STATION's efforts because my physical condition has improved as a result of incorporating it into my GOOD NATURE WALK makes use of my specialty graphic design and guides me while creating materials that can be enjoyed with my eyes I'm really interested in food, so I'd like to learn more about bio wine and ingredients at the market. "



Kanami Fukada (Nami Fukada)

"I was born and raised in Kyoto and worked at a hotel in my previous job. The aim of the conductor was to introduce cosmetics and foods that can be used everyday and provide services that can be closer to customers' daily lives. And I love organic cosmetics as I order them from abroad.I have been looking for and trying various kinds of interesting skin because my skin is very sensitive. I hope we can introduce products that can be used in the future. We hope that you will be able to broaden your interests through GOOD NATURE WALK. "


Through the conductor GOOD NATURE encounter with a people, goods, thing is, customers of everyday life and little noticed made it to the way of thinking. We look forward to seeing you at such moments.

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