The first day of the opening of GOOD NATURE STATION —the third floor where many stories gather—

The first day of the opening of GOOD NATURE STATION —the third floor where many stories gather—

GOOD NATURE STATION finally opened. Here are some photos of the first day. Next, you will see the 3rd floor where items and corners with various stories such as cosmetics, gifts, crafts, cafes, and salons gather.





The original cosmetic brand `` Selling on the third floor NEMOHAMO ”Has attracted many female customers. Explains the method of extracting the extract of plant grown by organic cultivation without exhaustion by low temperature extraction. Soap And oil I actually experienced it with my skin.




In the corner where Japanese essential oils are stocked, small numbered tubes are lined up. When opened, there are various types of aroma oils. When you open the drawer of the shelf below, it is a mechanism that the product of that number is contained.





“KA SO KE KI” is on the 3rd floor with items related to holistic beauty for women and various crafts created by Kyoto craftsmen. The gaze of the customers who looked carefully was impressive.








This is also a cafe where you can taste “RAU” sweets on the third floor. A system to place an order at the entrance counter. Please enjoy the taste that cannot be imagined from the appearance, and slowly take a close look at the beauty of its shape.




3F | Sleeping Beauty




The Sleeping Beauty on the eastern side of the third floor is a `` sleeping beauty '' where a total beauty salon with a head spa, cuts, nails, and a studio are next to each other. Amusement park of beauty "is. Many people visited from the first day of the opening, and the staff, including Ai Imai, the representative, carefully guided the female customers who visited.



This third floor is connected to the Takashimaya Kyoto store on the north side of GOOD NATURE STATION a communication passage. On this day, there were many people going back and forth between both facilities. Please enjoy shopping slowly around the two buildings.


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