NEMOHAMO x Creative Festival “rooms”! A full line-up was unveiled in Tokyo.

NEMOHAMO x Creative Festival “rooms”! A full line-up was unveiled in Tokyo.

“Rooms” is a creative festival where many brands such as fashion, design and art participate. It was held in Tokyo from September 4th to 6th, and mobilized a total of more than 20,000 people. GOOD NATURE STATION also exhibited at the ethical special zone, NEMOHAMO For the first time. This time, we will introduce the venues of “rooms39” and the state of the press show with the voices of the visitors.


Produce the world with brand colors and plants

The exhibition booth expresses the bounty of plants by vivid coloring using orange, the symbol color that symbolizes the original cosmetics “NEMOHAMO”. In the center of the booth, plants that are actually used as materials for "NEMOHAMO" such as ginseng, black moji, mugwort, etc. were displayed to express the world view.



“NEMOHAMO” was the first show. Especially characteristic Soap , oil , lotion On the spot, the staff experienced the visitors. Visitors highly valued the comfort of soap aged for 45 days or more, the texture of the oil without stickiness, and familiar skin.



The product design and design are unisex, and we have received compliments from both the men and women at the venue and overseas customers. In addition, refill unique lotion and outer box! When it was broken, the ethical design became a hot topic.




Press presentation with great response


On September 5, we held a press presentation for media, models, and writers on a special stage inside the venue. Representative Director Sugawara introduced the efforts that GOOD NATURE STATION is aiming for, and Mr. Higuchi shared his thoughts on the development of “NEMOHAMO” products.


In addition, Mr. Seiichi Kanai, President and Representative Director of Aesthetic Pharmacy Co., Ltd., a joint development partner of “NEMOHAMO”, also appeared and talked about the reason why it was manufactured and developed with original technology and a particular manufacturing method, and the effect. It was.



“A different sense of security”. Voice of customer expectation

Let's introduce the impressions of people who visited the booth and experienced the cosmetics of “NEMOHAMO”. Nozomi Chiba, a writer who writes in various genres such as traditional performing arts and art, has been attracting attention as a plant material.



Chiba: “What I thought was the most distinctive was the difference in the plants used. Face wash soap The black moji used in this is fresh. Kuromoji is a high-class product that is used as a toothpick in a tea party or a high-class restaurant in a tea party. The scent left after washing my hands was very pleasant. No matter how good the fragrance is, it shouldn't interfere with your meals, but with chromom you don't have to worry about it, and you can relax. Besides, Kuromoji is a tree that grows in the mountains of Japan. I am from Iwate Prefecture and grew up surrounded by nature. That's why I hear that image when I hear it. Mugwort and yuzu are the same, but such points are also very high points. ''


In addition, Maki Keyamura, editor of the “Huff Post Japan Version”, which handles a wide range of domestic and international news such as politics, economy, and social conditions, sympathized with “NEMOHAMO” for its traceability.


Keyamura: “There are still many users who do not know about cosmetics, and there are various standards even though they are said to be organic, and it is difficult to judge. What kind of ingredients are contained in such a situation? If you know it clearly and everything is made in-house, you have a different sense of security. ”



In addition, the original food brand introduced in the same booth “ SIZEN TO OZEN I am also interested in GOOD NATURE STATION's efforts.


Keyamura: “The cosmetics industry is now in an era where it is said that“ make it clean from the inside ”as well as make it clean from the outside. I thought why I launched the cosmetics and food brands at the same time. However, it is the same in terms of trying to be healthy and beautiful from the inside of the body, but because the field is completely different, no one has tried to do both so far. I think it ’s amazing. ”



After a long development period, the “NEMOHAMO” product, which was introduced for the first time this time, received more expectations and surprises than expected. In line with the opening of the facility in December, in line with the store, Online Shop But I will sell it. Please look forward to it.

GOOD NATURE JOURNAL editorial department
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