First announcement in the hall! Opening Ceremony / Preview Report

First announcement in the hall! Opening Ceremony / Preview Report

On December 2nd, which was one week before the opening, we invited people from the GOOD NATURE STATION and the media to hold an opening ceremony and a preview. This is the first time that a customer has been invited to the hall. A lot of people came and experienced the “ GOOD NATURE ” products and services that we proposed while visiting the building. Let me introduce the design of the exhibition.


Start with a congratulatory message from the guests


Congratulations from Kyoto Mayor Daisaku Kadokawa and Mr. Masamasa Yamashita, Vice Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, following the greetings from Yoshifumi Kato, President and CEO of Keihan Holdings Co.,Ltd. The curtain was gorgeously opened.



Eiji Takahara, CEO of BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. our thoughts about the GOOD NATURE STATION facility and presentations on each floor.


Among them, the original cosmetic brand “NEMOHAMO” Booster oil But" Sustainable Cosmetic Award We were able to announce that we won the first prize. This year's first MOTHER EARTH x Eco Mark collaboration project “Sustainable Cosmetic Award” is an award that comprehensively evaluates the SDGs philosophy and targets through cosmetics, as well as thoughts and stories in products. . This time, "NEMOHAMO" Booster oil The best award, and Balance skin lotion I was awarded the Kishi Akiko Award. Please pay attention here as well.


A preview where you can experience the taste, service and feelings

After the opening ceremony, the hotel floor was shown and free preview was held.






5 at MARKET GOOD salad And Cacao Fine Curry In addition to tasting, there are also events such as organic shiitake petit harvesting experience, rice scooping experience, making miso and miso balls in front. We have created many opportunities to experience the “ GOOD NATURE ” that we value.



Restaurant bar on the 1st floor ERUTAN The menu presentation by Chef Yoji Tokuyoshi, who supervised the menu, attracted the attention of many media representatives.



“I want to think about the menu with the desire to eat vegetables,” Chef Tokuyoshi. While going back and forth between Milan and Kyoto, he showed his desire to further develop this place.




What attracted attention on the 3rd floor was the original cosmetic brand “ NEMOHAMO "was. Women are Booster oil And Skin lotion Experience. There seemed to be many people who were surprised by the skin changes that can be felt just by using it once.



The point that the people who have a camera have always photographed is the aging warehouse for the facial soap in the corner of the sales floor! It was one of the well-received things that the scenes lined up in a row were very “shiny” and that they were surrounded by the rich scent of the plants when standing in front of them.


Our goal is not only to see the museum, but also to experience our feelings through taste and service. I hope that the people who came on this day will convey their feelings to more people.


The eyes of the local media

We asked the people involved in the media who participated in the preview the impression that they experienced GOOD NATURE STATION first.



Masaki Masuda ( Editorial Department)

I think it has become an unprecedented commercial facility. Amidst the increasing number of facilities that offer various measures, it has a unique style. The concept may have been firmly incorporated into the content. I was particularly worried about relaxing and relaxing. The Hotel . Because it is excellent access to both sightseeing and shopping, I would like to stay overnight.



Junko Amano (Kyoto writer)

As I lived at Kyoto, I was focusing on a market that I could use everyday. I want to come and buy some good things. It was a lot of fun to catch shiitake mushrooms held as an event today. I heard that it will be held regularly until May, so I want to experience it again. It seems to be a food education for children, and even if I hate shiitake, I feel like I will eat it if I pick it up myself. The atmosphere of the tasting bar is very nice, and I'm looking forward to having a deli and wine from noon.



Kozue Chimune (Amakara Temari Advertising Department Planning and Editing Desk)

I have the impression that we have a commercial facility that fits the times. It will be a place that will resonate not only with people at Kyoto but also with customers in Tokyo and overseas. Above all, the market on the first floor was lively and good. Original brand " SIZEN TO OZEN Or RAU "I think that the place where it is a system that circulates even foods etc. is amazing. The selection of vegetables and seasonings is also very interesting, so I think the readers of “Amakara Teban” will be liked.



Mr. Takemi Takemura (Chief Editor, SAVVY Editorial Department)

Today, I also interviewed the “SAVVY” in Kyoto. I also took a picture earlier, but the transit general office restaurant " ERUTAN "A word. I think that the space is made well. Personally, I am very curious about what will happen to the gastronomic floor on the second floor. As for the impression I saw, I felt that there was content that was aimed at customers outside Kansai. Based on the concept of “ GOOD NATURE ”, it is a symbol of the present era that the content is stacked on top of it.


After going through a preview for the people concerned, we are stepping forward to the opening of December 9th. Please wait until the opening!


GOOD NATURE JOURNAL editorial department
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