A new patisserie from the sweets lab "RAU"

A new patisserie from the sweets lab "RAU"

Sweets lab with sweets you have never seen before. That is the GOOD NATURE STATION original sweets brand "RAU". The confectionery of shapes and colors full of creativity, as well as deliciousness, is truly Edible Art. In addition, we are trying to disseminate a new patisserie from Kyoto by devising a display method that does not use a glass case and making it possible to observe the chocolate making process.


A place where young pastry chefs gather


The brand name "RAU" is derived from the Japanese word "rauraushi". It is an acronym for words that show the ideal image of a patisserie, and has a linguistic nuance that is familiar to foreign customers as well as has a Japanese-like sound. The color used for the package is the traditional Japanese color "mauve". It has long been known as a noble color in Japan, but it is also said to have an elegant and noble image in the West.


Leading "RAU" are young pastry chefs with abundant individuality. Yusuke Matsushita, Sachiyo Takagi, and Yosuke Okuda are taking on the challenge of making new sweets every day. The sweets created by fusing each sensibilities are all unprecedented in taste, color and shape. "Sweets Lab" is a place where the bold and fresh feelings of pastry chefs gather.
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To tell "Farm to bar"

The third floor | Chocolate studio


What are the new patisseries that RAU is working on? That is, the practice of “Farm to bar”, where everything is done by ourselves, from the selection of raw materials to the involvement of the patissier, to the creation of confectionery and delivery to customers. To do so, we cherished the pursuit of the taste and beauty of the confectionery, and at the same time, increased contact points with customers.


The chocolate factory on the 3rd floor is the most obvious. Windows are lined up on the wall of the passage connecting to Takashimaya Kyoto store, so you can see the inside. There is a warehouse where cacao, a raw material, is lined up, next to a large confectionery machine, and beside the patissier there is a figure seriously facing chocolate.



For the brand "RAU", chocolate is a major pillar that supports it. To choose cocoa beans, the pastry chefs went to Costa Rica in Central America. We would like our customers to see how the materials they visually confirm are completed as products. I want you to feel the taste of chocolate that can be produced only by making it by hand, not by automation, through this window.
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Gallery without glass case

1st floor | RAU Patisserie


The patisserie on the ground floor also has ideas for getting closer to customers. The most unique thing is that there is no glass case at all. The counter that pops out of the ground looks like a logo when viewed from above. On top of that, you can freely view and select confections placed like art from any angle of 360 °.



Speaking of patisserie, cakes are lined up in a glass case, and it is natural to place an order with it sandwiched. However, if you don't set a case, you will be able to communicate with the customer while telling the patissier's feelings and explain what we are doing. The reason why the price card is made smaller and the explanations are also smaller is because we want you to feel the world of "RAU" freely and have fun. This space, where you can see the delicate colors and shapes of sweets up close, is a gallery space for RAU.




A part of the wall has a decorative window that incorporates the essence of the Japanese house's “floor room” in a modern interpretation.



For example, at a tea ceremony, hanging scrolls and flowers are placed between the floors to convey the owner's feelings, such as the feeling of the season and the theme of the day. In the same way, here again the message from the patissier to the customer is included.



Recommended products for gifts are lined up in the back of the store. In general, patisserie packaging designs tend to be glamorous. However, RAU did not rely on brand logos or decorations, but instead focused on the design of subtraction to complement the confectionery. These details also have an essential idea of Japanese beauty.


In addition, these packaging materials and boxes are all made of paper and wood. GOOD NATURE STATION's sweets brand must be a sustainable material. Also, instead of throwing it away after eating, we stuck to its shape and design so that it could be used for small items. Please bring this background with you.


Experience immersing yourself in the world of sweets

3rd floor | RAU CAFE


The café on the third floor is a place to immerse yourself in the world of RAU. Please enjoy the sweets made in the studio in front of you with your drink. The café has no wall dividers so you can see the entire third floor no matter where you sit. While enjoying confectionery, find out how to enjoy this floor packed with many elements such as cosmetics, crafts, and beauty salons.



At this cafe, you can order while watching the sweets lined up at the counter. Here also the concept of "RAU" is hidden.



The top of the counter is made of cement, which is sprinkled with brightly colored glass shards. This is not a result of artificial calculations, but a natural spontaneous mixture of cement and glass. The material underneath is a material called galvanized. In general, it is a material that is not used for prominent parts, but it also naturally creates a unique texture when it is generated.



What they have in common is that they contain the “essence of nature”. Many of the unique nuances of “RAU” confections are inspired by nature, and they are trying to express the “RAU” concept in their material patterns.


Choosing the ingredients and showing the process of making them into confectionery. Delivering the confectionery to customers in their own words. And prepare a place to immerse in the world view. By arranging these in one facility called GOOD NATURE STATION, we want to build multi-faceted relationships with customers. That's the new patisserie that RAU aims to reach and spread to the world.

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