June is plum season! Food loss reduction collaboration event for pickled plums Special talk by plum experience specialty store "Choya" x "GOOD NATURE STATION"

June is plum season! Food loss reduction collaboration event for pickled plums Special talk by plum experience specialty store "Choya" x "GOOD NATURE STATION"

From June 1st (Wednesday) to June 30th (Thursday), a special dialogue has been realized for the "Choya" x "GOOD NATURE STATION" collaboration event held at GOOD NATURE STATION. We will approach the back side of the limited-time event that focuses on the food loss of pickled plums.


(From left) Mr. Fujimura in charge of the restaurant business department, Mr. Kentaro Suga from CHOYAshops Co., Ltd. plum experience specialty store “Choya”, Mr. Mayumi Shimada, conductor, Mr. Murayama, sub-manager of Hyssop Cafe / Restaurant & Bar


“Ume” is an indispensable part of our daily dining table, but it is said that about 2,800 tons of pickled ume after making plum wine are discarded in ordinary households every year. At this event, we aim to reduce food loss by proposing the new appeal of pickled plums and how to enjoy them at home through the experience of making plum wine and original sweets using pickled plums.


Precisely because they are “mutant-free”
A sustainable new way to enjoy ume

─Please tell us how you decided to hold this event.

Shimada: “The concept of GOOD NATURE STATION is to have fun incorporating things that are good for your mind and body without being too stoic. I would like to know.Mr. Choya is a company that sticks to additive-free, and I felt that the direction of GOOD NATURE was similar, so I wanted to work with you for the past few years. was not fulfilled due to the declaration of a state of emergency, and I called out at the timing when it became with corona."



Suga: "Thank you very much. To begin with, Choya Umeshu products do not use any additives in their ingredients, and we have always insisted on using only sugar and sake to make our plum wine. Because of the simple ingredients, the quality of the ume itself is everything. Since 1959, when we first started making ume sake, we have been working with farmers in Wakayama to improve the quality of our products, and as part of this effort, we have been working to reduce the amount of pesticides used. We have also continued organic cultivation for about 30 years. At that time, organic farming was not yet widespread, and there were few farmers who were involved in organic farming because it was difficult to sell products with a poor appearance, but we decided to purchase all of our products at Choya and gradually spread the number of organic participants in our history. Among our products, we have plum wine made entirely with organic ingredients, and I think it was a good match with GOOD NATURE 's product selection and direction."


Shimada: "One of our private brands, GOOD NATURE MARKET, is also developing food products that are particular about additive-free. We will also introduce how to use the pickled plums that you can make when you finish drinking plum wine.You can chop the GOOD NATURE MARKET original mixed rice and pickled plums into rice balls and eat the leftover plums at home. I would like to propose measures for food loss through the fact that I can do it.This is something that we were able to do because we are Mutenka.


Pickled plums in sweets! ?
Ah! Surprising original shaved ice is also sold on a limited basis


─How did the shaved ice using pickled plums on the limited menu come about?

Shimada: “Since it was decided that the Shop would be held, I was wondering if it would be possible to receive the pickled plums used by Mr. Choya and sell something in the building during the period. Cafe / restaurant on the 4th floor. & Bar Hyssop is a natural-oriented restaurant, so we naturally decided to produce it here, and decided to sell shaved ice that is perfect for the humid season.”


Murayama: “I received the pickled plums from Mr. Choya, and I came up with several recipes and made a prototype. Mr. Choya’s plums are delicious as they are, so I don’t need to process them to bring out the goodness of the ingredients themselves. I decided to use blue perilla for this reason.It's as good as Choya's plum, but I was particular about the perfect balance so that the blue perilla syrup wouldn't hide the plum.Because the ingredients are so simple, it's better to use red shiso than red perilla. The highly fragrant blue perilla and refreshing plum were a perfect match, and it was the most popular of all the prototypes we tried.We devised a way to make you satisfied until the end by adding ice cream with a cheese scent to the ice as an accent. It comes with a separate Choya plum syrup, so you can pour it on yourself and eat it, and you can enjoy it while changing the taste.”


Suga: “Even during the prototype of the shaved ice, all the ingredients were homemade, and even the ice cream was made with time and effort. I was surprised at how good the combination of shiso was, and the result was more than I had imagined.”


Murayama: “Thank you very much. The pickled plums themselves are delicious enough that you don’t have to do anything to them, and you can enjoy them not only as a side dish or onigiri but also as sweets. ”


Eating deliciously to the end leads to social contribution


─What do you want to convey to customers through this event?

Shimada: "June is the season for plum work, isn't it? I also make and drink plum wine at home.

Ever since I was little, I've valued seasonal events, but now that I'm an adult, I wonder what June is all about. When I thought about it, it was plum season. I hope that young people will be able to soak in the plum culture more by featuring plums while enjoying plum experiences and shaved ice. And it gives me great pleasure to work with Mr. Choya, who is seriously working on SDGs, food loss, and additive-free.”


Suga: “I used to work at a factory, and I used to make 100% effective use of pickled plums, such as making jelly, plum wine, feed for pigs and cows, and fertilizer. I didn't know that they were doing this, so I strongly felt that we should not only make ume syrup and umeshu, but also teach them how to use them afterward. I would be happy if you could enjoy plum culture again."


Fujimura: "One of the best parts of the work Shop is that our customers' own lives become a little richer and they gain new knowledge. Not only is it delicious and enjoyable to eat, but it is also connected to your own health, makes you want to tell others around you, and even supports farmers, which is a natural contribution to society, which is similar to the concept of GOOD NATURE. I also love plums so much that I eat them every day, and I hope that through this original shaved ice and Choya-san content, more people will learn how to enjoy pickled plums and about food loss."


Suga: "I have a special feeling for this event, hearing the passion of GOOD NATURE, who enjoyed each and every one of them as they proceeded with this event. Tsukeume. We will continue to spread the appeal of plums in various ways in order to reduce food loss!”


*The mask is removed only when shooting.


[Information about shaved ice]

Menu name: Choya x Hyssop Ultimate Plum Shaved Ice
Period: June 1st (Wednesday) to June 30th (Thursday)
Offer time: 14:30-17:00
Fee: 1,500 yen (including tax and service charge)
Location: 4th floor "Hyssop"
※Reservations not accepted


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