Experience the natural face of producers and the appeal of undertourism through GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY

Experience the natural face of producers and the appeal of undertourism through GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY

Look, this big, bright red strawberry. When a bite is spread, fresh juice overflows and sweetness, sourness and aroma spread throughout the mouth.


This strawberry grown at Kamimura Farm in Yawata City, Kyoto is based on organic cultivation that yields only 0.002% of the total harvest in Japan. GOOD NATURE STATION regularly visits producers of these rare agricultural products, touches on their thoughts, and regularly hosts the " GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY" where they can enjoy leisurely time and nature. We will tell you about the charm of strawberry picking at Kamimura Farm, which started in March.


Under tourism that supports producers


`` GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY '' is a hands-on sightseeing tour where you can visit producers in the suburbs of Kyoto who are committed to agriculture, etc. . In addition to simply enjoying the Activity we hope to provide an opportunity to learn the reasons for high quality and deliciousness while listening to the thoughts and difficulties of producers. At the same time, one of the objectives is to generate income from tourism, support small-scale producers, and create a good circulation not only for tourists but also for communities and producers.

In addition, in recent years, we are also working on measures to mitigate over tourism (concentration of sightseeing), which has become a problem not only in Kyoto but also around the world. I think that I realized the charm of.


Rare Strawberry


Let's take a look at Activity. Departs at GOOD NATURE STATION at 9am and takes about 20 minutes by car. Kyoto We have arrived at Kamimura Farm in Yawata, Fukushima. Shinji Uemura, the owner, greeted me. Ten years ago, I retired from the company I worked for, and started farming in this area where my wife's parents' home was located.


At first, he didn't know the word of organic cultivation, let alone knowledge of agriculture. After consulting with Kyoto Prefecture to get a farm, Mr. Yoshiteru Ueda was introduced as a "person who can make delicious vegetables". Under the guidance of Mr. Ueda, started organic cultivation. At present, three kinds of strawberries and other vegetables and fruits are grown by organic farming.



Uemura: "Strawberries are prone to insects, such as aphids, and require advanced techniques to grow without pesticides. Therefore, about 10 farmers, including me, grow in organic farming in Japan. Only three years of trial and error, we have finally been able to produce about 5,700 shares. "



After listening to Mr. Uemura's story, we experienced a quick strawberry harvest. You can harvest three types of sweets: "Crimson Hop", "Yotsuboshi" with a well-balanced acidity, and "Hokosose", which is slightly smaller. Participants pick up strawberries while eating and comparing their flavors. As Mr. Uemura says, "Only the GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY can experience strawberry picking certified by organic JAS."





For a safe and secure strawberry

The strawberries at Kamimura Farm are all fresh and beautiful. What are some ideas for that?



The fertilizer that Uemura says is "most important" is bamboo, a well-known product in Yawata City, where the farm is located. Yawata is known for producing high-quality bamboo, and bamboo works are also active. Utilizing waste materials produced in the process as fertilizers not only allows you to purchase bamboo, which is normally expensive, at low cost, but also reduces industrial waste. In addition, we grow rich soil using soybeans purchased from a nearby tofu shop and fragrant oil cake.



The other is a method of pollination using agricultural flies, which are grown under safe and clean management called "beef fly". Ordinary pollination often uses bees, but bee stings can cause anaphylaxis (a systemic allergic reaction), which is risky. Mr. Uemura says that he considers himself allergic and uses highly safe beef fly.



Uemura: "A fly larva bred in a sanitary environment arrives in a cup and hatches into a fly. If the number of flowers is small, bees repeat pollination on the same flower many times. This causes the strawberries to lose their shape.By pollinating the flies, a lot of beautifully shaped strawberries can be produced. There is no problem with gender. "


Large strawberries can be harvested using chemical fertilizers, but tend to be monotonous with only sweet and sour tastes. Uemura's strawberries are not only sweet and sour, but also rich in flavor and texture. Its deliciousness has been proved by winning twice in Japan in the radish section of the Nutrition Contest held by the Japan Organic Agricultural Extension Association every year.


Why stick to organic farming


One hour's harvest experience is over in no time while you're crazy and enjoying. The couple from Osaka were also very pleased, saying, "The fragrance and taste of peaches and apples" and "I have never eaten such a fresh and delicious strawberry." The Activity was finished with great satisfaction, as we also received "Red Beni" as a souvenir.


Finally, Mr. Uemura asked why he has been sticking to organic farming.



Uemura: “When I first opened a store in Marche, a black-headed person came to the booth. Even though it was a hot summer day, I had a long sleeve and was scared at first. He was asked a few questions about how he grows the crop, and then he swallowed the purchased spinach raw, and after 30 minutes. After that, he said, "You can eat your vegetables," and bought other vegetables.At that time, I strongly felt that you had to keep making organic vegetables for these people. It was just. "


Actually, Mr. Uemura has also suffered from allergies. When I started agriculture, I was growing tomatoes, but allergic reactions forced me to switch to another crop. Depending on what you say, it can take your life. That's why it painfully understands the desires of those who want to eat with confidence.



Not only delicious, but also safe and secure. Knowing how your mouth is made and who is involved in it will make you want to taste each strawberry more carefully.


GOOD NATURE ACTIVITY intends to continue to tour highly knowledgeable producers and unknown sightseeing spots near Kyoto to gain new knowledge and experiences. The schedule and how to apply can be found on this website, on the bulletin board inside the hotel, and at the hotel reception. Please look forward to your next Activity.


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