A new type of patisserie that produces sweets that can only be found here.

A new type of patisserie that produces sweets that can only be found here.

GOOD NATURE STATION Patissier | Yusuke Matsushita Sachiyo Takagi Yosuke Okuda


GOOD NATURE STATION Will open a patisserie on the first floor and a cafe and chocolate workshop on the third floor. Cakes, baked goods, chocolates, gifts ... The three patissiers are aiming for "only here". It extends not only to the confectionery itself, but also to invisible parts such as new confectionary ideas and ways of working. This time, GOOD NATURE STATION Introducing new confectionery making and patisserie aimed at by unique confectioners.


We don't have to do anything else

Yusuke Matsushita, who was running “Calme Elan” in Kagurazaka, Tokyo, where he was able to enjoy ashette dessert (dessert on the plate) and chocolate, decided to close the store suddenly one afternoon. We will notify you via SNS when the store closes the next day.


Matsushita: “A lot of customers came to the store every day, but I could see what I wanted to do next. The situation changed from the time of opening, and the Hachette Desale was booming. , Famous patissiers in the neighborhood opened a series of specialty stores. Someone doesn't have to do it, he wants to do something else. "



Ms. Sachiyo Takagi, our partner, agreed with Chef Matsushita's decision.


Takagi: “I've been talking about that before. Three days after closing, I left for Paris to study.”


Matsushita: “I promised to see you again in five years. I arranged the store for a month, and then I flew to Malaysia where the offer had come before.”


As you go through each path and have an exciting day, you will be contacted by customers from the “Calme Elan” era.


Matsushita: “ Kyoto of Shijo Kawaramachi As a newly created patisserie chef pastry chef, I was asked to show my personality and technology to the fullest. from before Kyoto I was interested in and is a city visited by people from all over the world. I experienced a private store and felt that there was a limit to the ability to communicate, not to management, “This is an opportunity! "I thought"


Yosuke Okuda, a former acquaintance, spoke at that time.


Okuda: “I worked on product development and production management under the same chef Hironobu tsujiguchi from Ishikawa Prefecture, and made pastry for the competition. I have been working with Chef Matsushita for over 10 years. I often went to Kagurazaka shops. Kyoto And when I was asked to do it together, I didn't get lost. ''



Chef Takagi, who was in Paris, suddenly returned to Japan, and an unusual system in which three confectioners formed a team started. While developing the concept, we are currently in the middle of product development and prototyping in the test kitchen.


Patisserie without glass case

Developing with the concept of “patisserie gallery” 1st floor patisserie There are 60 to 70 items in total, including over a dozen kinds of fresh cakes, various baked goods, chocolate-related products, and gift sets.


Matsushita: “The distinctive feature is that there is no glass showcase. Even though it is a confectionery with great attention to detail, it does not look delicious through inorganic glass. GOOD NATURE STATION The patisserie doesn't keep the sweets in the case. Both raw cakes and baked goods are lined up without a case so that they can be seen from any angle. ''


Okuda: “By doing this, I think customers can look at the sample and slowly select the products they like. The products we sell are actually managed in a backyard with appropriate temperature and humidity control. ”


Takagi: “There is a chocolate-making workshop in one corner of the cafe, so you can see how we work.”



Work style reforms for sweets

The three people are aiming for innovative sweets and new patisseries that can only be found here. In order to do so, we have voiced that it is important to renew the way of working.


Matsushita: “I understand that you work overseas, but everyone is really free. It ’s not just about manufacturing, but also about the way you work. It ’s impossible to stick to the details and never end the work. I think people can do what they can do with machines and only with human hands. ''


In 2002, a 35-hour work week began in France. The confectionery industry, which tends to have long working hours, is worried that the quality will drop, and ripples spread in Japan.


Matsushita: “In fact, that is not the case at all, and top chefs are working on mechanization to reduce staff working hours, increase sales, and refine their creations.”


Okuda: “Where time and effort are to be taken, where the machine should be entrusted to, it is only necessary for people to make accurate decisions. My teacher, Chef tsujiguchi, is also a representative of the method.”


Takagi: “The time created by mechanization is used for making original products and commitment. I think our generation should take the initiative in drawing such a composition.”


In order to create something “only here”, fresh sensibility is always required. In addition to making delicious sweets, the three people want to make people feel like “I want to work here” by creating an environment where people who want to make sweets yearn.


I want to share my impressions through sweets


Okuda: “We want to be aware of the sweets that we make, not only the taste but also the future. We want to create emotions and emotions through the tool of sweets and share a diverse worldview.”


Matsushita: “The image of Japanese sweets is strong. Kyoto However, Western confectionery is firmly rooted in life. I'm talking to Takagi, Kyoto So, the impression is that the more authentic school members are supported. In order to put up a signboard in such a place, it must be an elegant and cute candy only here. And like going to France to eat cake, going to Taiwan to eat shaved ice, to eat our cake Kyoto We want to raise each other so that they can come to Japan. ''


Please look forward to the beginning of an innovative patisserie where you can enjoy not only sweets that express innovative sensations and personality, but also new dining experiences.


GOOD NATURE JOURNAL editorial department
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