We thought about "non-disposable society, circulating society"GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO's approach

We thought about "non-disposable society, circulating society"GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO's approach

Preparations are steadily progressing towards opening this December. GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO " A hotel in a facility where you can enjoy various experiences such as shopping and a beauty salon, based on the concept of “a place where you can wrap in GOOD NATURE, touch it and enjoy it with your five senses”. Taking advantage of this strength, we aim to provide an unprecedented hotel stay by seamlessly enjoying each floor in the facility.


In order to realize a "recycling society," we are working on various challenges that will be new attempts for the Japanese hotel industry. We will introduce our concept to express at a hotel that “the choice is what we choose to be healthy, happy for the body, mind, region, society, and the earth”.


"Not disposable" is our keyword


What we cherish is “a lifestyle that incorporates healthy and good things in a way that is personally enjoyable while enjoying more GOOD NATURE It is a way of thinking. Rather than incorporating bio into stoic, there is a lightness that makes me enjoyable by incorporating something new to the end. And that


・ GOOD for Health "Is it good for health?"

・ GOOD for Mind "Is it good for the mind?"

・ GOOD for Local "Is it good for the region?"

・ GOOD for Social "Is it good for society?"

・ Good for Earth "Is it good for the earth?"


That means we can contribute to our five criteria without stress. Based on that, we GOOD NATURE In order to consider what kind of hotel the HOTEL KYOTO will be and what kind of services it offers, we continued to discuss carefully the perspective of "GOOD or BAD". Finally, the keyword "not disposable" has emerged as a contribution to the global environment as a hotel.


Aiming for a lifestyle hotel that can touch the circulating society


It was born from the keyword "not disposable", "GOOD NATURE Let's introduce one by one the activities of HOTEL KYOTO.


1 There is no disposable toothbrush in the room
Usually in Japan, disposable toothbrushes are always provided in the rooms. Not putting this is the main feature of our hotel. When I use it at home in my daily life, I do not throw it away, but somehow I throw away the hotel toothbrush in a single operation.

And in Japan it is natural that disposable toothbrushes are always provided, but in fact, those who do not leave overseas are the standard. There are many people who carry their own toothbrushes abroad, who are highly aware of oral care, and their heights of teeth awareness can be seen.


Apart from the idea that there is a disposable toothbrush, from the standpoint of "it is good for the earth", we do not always have a disposable toothbrush, so that customers can casually participate in "reducing garbage". The


2 Welcome customers with original cacao tea using cacao shells



"GOOD NATURE STATION On the 3rd floor, Bean Toubar "Costa Rica Cacao" will appear. Bean to Bar is a method that consistently handles the entire process from cocoa beans to chocolate, so you can see and enjoy the craft chocolate workshop. On the first floor we make it at the studio

Chocolatier In addition to selling fragrant chocolate using plenty of Costa Rica cacao that has been drunk, the original blended cocoa shell extract from Kyoto with the cocoa shell extract produced when making the chocolate Cacao tea Will be served as a hotel welcome drink.


If you use cacao husks that you would otherwise throw away, you should also pay attention to good points such as "Good for the society" and "Good for the earth" and originality where you can enjoy the sweetness and bitterness unique to cacao. is.


3 room sandals should be used carefully for a long time with modern and stylish design



Slippers for guest rooms often equipped with disposable items at conventional business hotels. We also used the stylish sandals of the footwear brand "HIBINOKODUE + MIZUTORI" by Mr. Kodue Hibino, from the thought that we want to lead to the reduction of trash by using this too carefully. Geta has long been loved in Japan, and the design is just like a good collection of sandals familiar to customers abroad is attractive. As well as having customers use them for a long time, I would like to express the Japanese heart that has been cherished since ancient times.


4We have cooperation "slightly" for garbage separation

A trash can that is a necessities of the guest room. In a typical hotel, one trash can is provided, and it is not something that encourages sorting. this time"GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO, we are considering installing trash cans to separate burning and non-burning trash. If you cooperate with such a thing, you may become aware of recycling. In addition, it is one of the challenges and interesting points for us that how customers segregate.


For the four introduced here, we GOOD NATURE This is a very distinctive initiative for HOTEL KYOTO. In the background, it is starting to think that what is important for the customers now that many hotels are in a forest is "what kind of experience can be done" at the visited hotel.


"GOOD NATURE By staying at HOTEL KYOTO, you can be a chance to review your lifestyle, and you can participate in "the circulating society" without undue effort, simply by using various things. Our hotel, not to mention this "GOOD NATURE STATION"I hope that it will become a" station of awareness "throughout the building.

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