GOOD NATURE STATION recommended menu "5GOOD salad" birth secret story

GOOD NATURE STATION recommended menu "5GOOD salad" birth secret story

At the market on the first floor of GOOD NATURE STATION, you can find healthy vegetables and original food brands. SIZEN TO OZEN In addition to handling non-additive foods, we also offer a food menu that uses plenty of organic vegetables sold. "5GOOD Salad" was a popular example at the content announcement party the other day. This one dish that expresses the five "GOOD" we value as a facility, GOOD NATURE MARKET Recommended menu. Daisuke Ito, the developer in charge, told the story before this salad was born.


Taste the whole believable vegetable

The market on the first floor welcomes customers as the face of the facility as soon as they enter the main entrance of GOOD NATURE STATION. In a vibrant space like a market, marketers, mainly in Kyoto, go to various places to actually interact with producers and line up with vegetables that are easy to eat. I want you to know the true taste of these vegetables, and I want them to be used for cooking at home. You can also enjoy the food and drink menu that you have devised with such thoughts. Among the many food menus, we would like to recommend “5GOOD Salad” that we would like to recommend with the highest confidence.


Ito: “Because of the floor name of the market, I think it's necessary to be able to buy it while tasting the ingredients that it sells. I came to the conclusion that I could simply use a salad because I wanted a menu that could be easily reproduced at home. "



In general supermarkets, customary vegetables (large-scale and efficient produce for harvesting large quantities of vegetables) are lined up. This is also an important system for supporting Japanese agriculture, but when you think about your body and the future, including the environment, you can also come up with various thoughts.


Ito: “Currently, it is inevitable to use customary vegetables when cooking at home. However, if you have to use it, you should be good at dating customary vegetables. , The market handles only the vegetables of the belief producers we went to meet and talked about, including pesticide-free and reduced pesticides, so you can eat the whole with peace of mind. The powerful nutrients that can be eaten whole are really delicious when eaten raw, and salads are the most direct way to convey their goodness. "


One dish where you can experience 5 “GOOD”


Ito, who started developing salads, considered five criteria that GOOD NATURE STATION values.


GOOD for Health "Is It Good for Health"

GOOD for Mind "Is it good for the mind?"

GOOD for Local "Is it good for the region"

GOOD for Social "Is it good for society?"

GOOD for Earth "Is It Good for the Earth"


Ito: “I thought these 5“ GOODs ”were exactly what I wanted to do. I ’d like to put these“ 5GOODs ”into the salad. You can express what is good for the community and good for society, and if you can eat the whole skin, you can reduce the amount of garbage, and you can make it better for the earth by using paper instead of plastic. I was able to experience and participate in five GOODs.I was able to condense what I was trying to do as a facility into this one dish. "


A salad that changes its look each time it goes


The vegetables used in “5GOOD Salad” are not suitable for mass production because they are carefully grown with no pesticides or reduced pesticides. Depending on the season, weather, and production conditions, the same item may not arrive stably or only a small amount may be available. However, only the delicious vegetables of that season are lined up. For this reason, the vegetables used in salads change almost every day, and one of the attractions of today that you can't understand what salad is if you don't go there.


Ito: “After having a base such as baby leaf, Chinese cabbage, and spring chrysanthemum, you can choose red, yellow, orange, green, etc. according to the mood of the day. I picked the herbs from the store and put them on top, and then I finished with salt lemon and olive oil made with seasonal citrus fruits, and a simple fermented dressing. ''


If you want more volume, you can add pasta beef roast beef or chicken ham as a topping. And what I want to pay attention to is the sauce hidden behind the back of the salad.


Ito: “I imagined hummus (an Indian dish based on chickpeas) and seasoned with okara, soy milk and spices. It ’s a versatile sauce that goes well with vegetables and roast beef. Because I knew that at the tofu shop at Kyoto, more than 200kg of okara was thrown away every day, I thought I could manage it, so I handed the surplus okara to the vegetable producers. The vegetables grown there are used in the salad again, contributing to such recycling-oriented agriculture. "


I want to convey my thoughts while talking


The market on the first floor is the face of GOOD NATURE STATION. That's why Ito says he wants to take care of customer conversations with the staff at the store.


Ito: “Since we handle only carefully made seasonal vegetables, it is difficult to put in the same amount in large quantities. I would like to cherish dialogue with customers.“ This vegetable is sold out. I also recommend these vegetables, "or for vegans," How about fried soy meat or change to warm vegetables? "And enjoy the process of making salad together I think it's important to keep telling directly about the reduction of vegetables and garbage, the thoughts in the salad, etc. If our beliefs are conveyed, I think it will lead to the interest of staying at a hotel, which is why I would like to increase points of contact with customers through this 5GOOD salad. "



Ito Daisuke

Kyoto. After graduating from the culinary school, he put himself in the world of French cuisine. Over 10 years later, he worked as a chef at a cafe restaurant that valued the idea of medical foods, and joined BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. in 2019. GOOD NATURE STATION a manager and manager of the market on the first floor, I am currently looking forward to standing at the store every day.


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