Bring a delicious natural feast to your home, both for your heart and your body. The original brand “SIZEN TO OZEN” will start in winter 2019.

Bring a delicious natural feast to your home, both for your heart and your body. The original brand “SIZEN TO OZEN” will start in winter 2019.


“Natural, really delicious
To make it easier and more enjoyable.
A full-fledged seasoning made by a chef who is particular about the production area and organic vegetables,
Additive-free retort curry using the seasoning,
Specially selected food from all over Japan,
A delicious meal for the mind and body
Delivered to your table. ”


Easily enjoy safe and reliable food at home

On the first floor of GOOD NATURE STATION, we collected special food GOOD NATURE MARKET Expand The name is “market cafeteria”. There are a lot of Marchés and DELIs that are crowded, with smiles on customers, and the voices and movements of the staff. So, the opening of GOOD NATURE STATION and the debut of the original brand “ SIZEN TO OZEN "is. This new brand with the idea of “Easy to enjoy delicious food that is safe and secure at home”. About the product lineup, Hiromasa Ueki, Shinya Fukuda, Kana Yamazaki, and Suomi Akasaki will be introduced.


I want to produce food that I can deliver with confidence


“SIZEN TO OZEN” GOOD NATURE STATION Food floor born on the first floor GOOD NATURE In the process of preparing MARKET, it was born in the course of necessity.


Fukuta: “We have a lot of relationships with producers, and then chefs such as trees and pastry chefs, GOOD NATURE By joining the MARKET team, the brand was born from the idea that we could create products that make use of the chef's unique ideas using the ingredients of producers that we know well. ''


Ueki: “I think that the housewives who actually take care of the family are in trouble because they don't have time. Raising children and doing a lot of work. But it's guilty to use retort and frozen food. I also heard that you felt a sense of feeling because there is an image that nutrition is biased or bad for the body, but I thought that we could make a product that could dispel such guilt. However, the current situation is that food additives cannot be avoided if we try to realize the long-lasting feeling of food products, so we will try to make it using as many ingredients as possible without additives. I wanted to give my family something like that. "


Akasaki: “I'm in charge of confectionery, but confectionery doesn't use any food additives. However, when it happens, the expiry date is inevitably shorter than that of commonly sold confectionery. We are making products with the intent of the concept of “delicious food for the mind and body to your table”


"History taste of bistro" became a key item


“SIZEN TO OZEN” starts with a wide lineup of ingredients such as spices, sauces, dressings and other seasonings, retort curry, additive-free sausages, rice and tea, as well as granola and sweets.


Tree: “The core item Retort curry The development of was a difficult series. I had to apply a strong heat when retorting, but this was a series of unexpected changes in the taste of the recipe. If we use chemical seasonings, we can solve this problem.


Yamagata: “I ’m an additive-free sausage and cooked rice, Cacao tea I am collaborating with various shops. It is also characterized by product development that values the relationship with people who are making great products in Kyoto. ''



Fukuda: “The key item in talking about“ SIZEN TO OZEN ” The hidden taste of the bistro It will be a seasoning. This is a paste that makes it easy to use the seasoning used by chefs in restaurants, but it's simply an advanced version of scarlet onion, or a seasoning paste containing various vegetables. The only difference is that it takes time and effort to make it. Even if you want to make it at home, you can't do it easily. "


Tree: ““ Shiitake Onion Sauce "," Bacon and olive oil "," Three kinds of vegetables "When" Tomato onion jam The four types of "" are standard. It can be used as a soup, hidden in curry or meat sauce, or used as it is as a sauce. Shiitake Onion Sauce Simply boil it with milk and dissolve it into a flavorful potage soup. Then stretch with soy milk gratin It is also recommended to use for the source. Tomato onion jam Can be used as a pizza sauce or as a substitute for Napolitan ketchup, it becomes a high-class dish. ''


Fukuta: “The completion of this product has also determined the direction of the brand, and this has also led to the birth of various products. Try the hidden taste of this bistro to many people. I hope you can. "


Many delicious experiences at home


It is also a point that you should pay attention to that various measures have been taken so that packages and sales floors can be picked up.


Fukuda: “For example Retort curry If the package that puts the pouch is not a paper box, but an envelope type package is used, a hole can be made in the center of the upper part, hooked on the wall and arranged like a gallery, so that you can enjoy it visually I think. The hidden taste of the bistro As for, we adopted a glass bottle. I hope you can reuse it in your home after you have used up. "


Yamasaki: “And on the 1st floor, you can order a menu that uses ingredients from SIZEN TO OZEN, so it ’s only here that you can try it and buy it.”


Fukuta: “I'm really happy if I could increase the experience at home with the items from SIZEN TO OZEN that I actually felt delicious.”


Hiromasa Ueki
After working as a head chef at an Italian restaurant and a cafe using vegetables, I went to BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd.. "SIZEN TO OZEN" is involved in devising recipes and making products.


Shinya Fukuta
Engaged in food development work from the previous era, BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. Joined the company. Currently, he plays the role of a brand pipe with contract manufacturers and producers, including product planning for “SIZEN TO OZEN”.


Kana Yamazaki
After designing in apparel, product planning for beauty miscellaneous goods and cosmetics, go to BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd.. Currently active around the planning and development of "SIZE N TO OZEN" and external collaboration products.


Suomi Akasaki 
After working at a general merchandise manufacturer, BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. Joined the company and is struggling with food planning and development. Specializing in sweets in product development, it produces many items such as gluten-free sweets.


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