Pick up value from what is thrown away. GOOD NATURE STATION × The new form of circulation that Sugino Seiki aims for.

Pick up value from what is thrown away. GOOD NATURE STATION × The new form of circulation that Sugino Seiki aims for.

GOOD NATURE STATION wants to value “being healthy and happy for the mind, region, society and the earth” as a standard for judging things and things. For those of us in Keihoku, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Suginose The essential oil that Mr. Hiroshi Murayama makes from thinned wood such as cedar, firewood and black moji was exactly in line with this idea. Manufacturing that does not waste any local resources promoted by Murayama should be a hint for producers in other regions. This time, I would like to introduce the product development we are working with with Murayama and the challenge of recycling-type manufacturing.


If you can find value in what you throw away, you will become a new business

GOOD NATURE STATION And "Suginosei" met two years ago. I learned that I was making essential oils using thinning wood of Kitayama cedar, and I was interested in being "is close to the manufacturing we seek".



At Suginosei, we use thinning materials that would otherwise be discarded as raw materials for essential oils. Collected cedar and blackberry thinnings left in the forest, finely pulverize the leaves and leaves, steam them using the pumped underground water, and collect essential oils from the steam. We do not use gas or electricity to cook the pot, but use waste wood and leftover wood as firewood. In other words, making essential oils has led to the maintenance of forests and the control of industrial waste.


We visited the workshop, and we were deeply sympathetic to the fact that the cycle with nature was thought out in all of the process of essential oil collection. Yoshiyuki Motoyama, who is involved in the store development of our facility, has high expectations for collaboration with "Suginosei".


Motoyama: "There is no act of" discarding "in the recycling-type agroforestry established by Mr. Murayama. In this case, I thought that it would be useful for producers in other areas to share and be widely used. What is discarded in the production area may also create new value by making it into an essential oil. "



For example, I brought in a pruned branch in a plum production area and asked Murayama to experiment if it could be an essential oil. Unfortunately, it was difficult to extract essential oils, but now we have floral water that smells like plum.



From what would otherwise be abandoned, a new business is born and the area is activated. We want to create such a new circulation with "Suginosei" and Mr. Murayama.


GOOD NATURE STATION Well, on the third floor GOOD NATURE We are planning to handle the essential oil series "Kyonoka-Kyonoka-" of "Suginosei" at STUDIO. In addition, we are developing original cosmetics using the essential oil of "Suginosei" as a raw material. I would like you to feel the effects of essential oils such as mind and body relaxation, skin care, and antibacterial effects.


Local Experience Tour, "GOOD NATURE Touch "

In recent years, we have visited crowded tourist areas without visiting crowded tourist areas, visiting attractive suburbs, and attracting attention to “undertourism” that emphasizes people, culture and communities and relationships. GOOD NATURE STATION But as part of under tourism, for guests GOOD NATURE We are planning a local experience tour where you can experience the “A part of the workshop tour to“ Suginosei ”.


At Suginosei, we have a workshop tour every Wednesday. In addition to the tour and experience of essential oil collection at the workshop, the "foot bath" using the leaves and leaves of chromoji after collecting the essential oil is also available.



And for lunch, you can have the baked pizza at the studio. Topped with your favorite local vegetables in the dough while being healed by the cedar and blackberry scent of the studio. The moment you take a freshly baked pizza and simmer in the wilderness is happiness itself. In addition, natto mochi which kneaded natto specialties of the Keihoku specialty, and grilled rice ball grilled with fire husk (fuel derived from rice husk) were also prepared.



Murayama: "In recent years, Japanese essential oils produced in various parts of Japan are popular abroad. Some days ago, there were some people from the New York, Hong Kong, and Taiwan who participated in a workshop tour. I was very pleased. "


Does the freedom that Mr. Murayama does not get caught in common sense naturally attracts people? The cedar and black moji which become the raw material of the essential oil, the remaining wood and wastes which become a moss, and the people of the factory tour. Wonders, people and things also gather in “Suginosei,” and it seems that more and more interesting movements take place.


GOOD NATURE STATION"Under tourism" to think about is to guide all of the guests to the place where there is an experience that can only be done on the land and the producers like Mr. Murayama. Even for producers, there may be various discoveries by interacting with people who actually take the product.


Visit the suburbs that are rich in nature, touch the producers' minds, and experience the happiness for the area. That's exactly what we want to tell you GOOD NATURE"It is an experience.

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