A “station” where people gather. The form we aim for on the fourth floor of the GOOD NATURE STATION

A “station” where people gather. The form we aim for on the fourth floor of the GOOD NATURE STATION

The fourth floor of the GOOD NATURE STATION has an open courtyard in the center, with an open space surrounding a cafe & bar and lounge space. GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO Of course, there is also a reception desk at the hotel because it is the entrance floor of the hotel, but what we envision on this 4th floor is a place where not only guests but also anyone can easily visit and relax It is to


A place that anyone can easily visit

GOOD NATURE STATION is a place to transmit the “GOOD NATURE” lifestyle through various products and services. The first floor is a market including organic vegetables, the second floor is a restaurant where you can enjoy a premium gastronomic experience, and the third floor is Original cosmetics The beauty space centered on, and the 5th to 9th floors are hotel rooms. Shopping, dining and accommodation can all be completed in one building, just like an urban auberge.



It is the 4th floor where these various functions intersect. We want to make this floor where customers of various purposes come and go, not just a hotel lounge, but a place with greater meaning.


The model is the image of a "station" that also leads to the name of the facility. Overseas, in the case of a large station, the scene where many people gather is often seen, not only as a railway platform, but also with a Marche spread around. We want to make it a place where anyone, including customers staying at hotels, shopping, and living in the neighborhood, can easily visit.


A courtyard that can be touched naturally by all five senses

A suitable courtyard is the central courtyard. It is a colonnade, and on sunny days the sun shines in and the natural breeze flows. If you put yourself in a comfortable sofa or deck chair and spend some time in the fire of the fireplace, you will find it to be a surprisingly quiet place. When you look around, the walls are greened, and you can feel the nature right next to you, which is rare in the city. Only the evergreen plants called Asiatic jasmine, which grow naturally in Kyoto Feel the nature unique to this land with all five senses.
Related article: A healing space that appears in GOOD NATURE "5 x Green (Gobamidori)" deals with wall greening where you can feel nature in the city



Eventually, we hope to hold various programs in this courtyard. For example, music concerts and Activity aimed at mindfulness such as meditation and grounding. Even if you don't plan to stay or shop, you can just relax in the courtyard and use it as you like.



Freely available lounge

Behind the courtyard is a lounge space with sofas and tables where you can relax. This can be used by anyone during the opening hours.




This is a place for a break between shopping or a meeting place when you go out, as well as for chatting with friends, business meetings, and a little desk work. Please use it as a place to spend your favorite way. Community table Kakomeru a large number of people, work Shop is also used as a space.



There is a gallery space at the far end (north side) of the floor. We are planning to propose a number of mechanisms that will allow you to enjoy the facility more in conjunction with the shopping floor, such as a pop-up for producers of products that will be deployed at GOOD NATURE STATION and an exhibition of hot artists living in Kyoto.


If the 4th floor becomes actively used, for example, communication between locals and customers who are enjoying sightseeing from home and abroad may be born, and it may be a hint to get more realistic and local tourist information . That's one of the things we look forward to.


Botanical bar to enjoy healing power

Hyssop, a café-restaurant & bar with a botanical theme, is also a store that can be visited for various purposes.



Open until 23:00, lunch is "Flower field soup pasta" where you can have colorful vegetables and flowers, and at night you can enjoy vegetable mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) with dishes and alcohol using plenty of herbs. You can also enjoy Feel the nature and enjoy a menu that is gentle on the mind and body where you can taste the essence of plants.




As a café where you can relax alone or with a carefree friend, or as a bar to refresh yourself after work. The healing power of plants can be easily incorporated into lifestyles at one point.


Courtyard, lounge, botanical cafe & bar, and hotel reception. On the 4th floor, different character areas are connected without being separated by walls. By doing so, I hope that people with various purposes will not only come together, but also feel free to spend and relax in this place without a clear purpose. I want to create a "station" where people from various countries, regions, and lifestyles can enjoy gathering. Such a thought is put. We hope you enjoy your time.

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