In the program for children, the opportunity for food education and investment in the future

In the program for children, the opportunity for food education and investment in the future

BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. EAT (market) sales department / store development department manager | Yoshiyuki Motoyama


GOOD NATURE STATION Then, we are planning various programs for children. What I want to cherish is to enjoy it first and foremost.


Among them, if you know the deliciousness of each food and how it was made, I think that it will become part of "food education" as a result. This time, I will introduce what I am thinking about for that purpose.


Put the fun of children first

GOOD NATURE STATION, it is a zone composed of food and restaurants on the first floor GOOD NATURE MARKET We are preparing various projects for children, mainly.


Among them, what we value most is that we want children to enjoy using the five senses.


The representative approach is the harvest experience. For example, children will pick up organic shiitake mushrooms and bring them home.

If you eat it and feel "delicious!", You won't be so memorable. As to whether it is organic and its meaning, it is enough to know later. At first we think that it is important to have you experience happily.


Connecting to the interest in "food" by knowing producers' commitment

Also, GOOD NATURE With regard to the ingredients sold at the MARKET, I would like to focus on having fun how to make it. In particular, I would like to devise expressions in areas where producers are stuck.


Kyoto If you are a brewer you are using a lot of rice to make vinegar. A typical vinegar is about 40 grams per liter, but this vinegar contains 120 grams of rice, three times as much. We are thinking about what to do to convey that commitment in a fun way, including those things.


For example, put the actual rice grain. Then you can see the difference in the amount at a glance. Moreover, if you make it like an hourglass, you can experience the fact that it is so different while watching the rice grains falling over and turning it over. I think that if you can get in there, you will understand your commitment.


There are a lot of ideas like this, but instead of pushing food education to the fore, let's have children simply think that "if you come here there is something fun". I would like to have a lot of content that is likely to be the subject of free research during summer vacation, and to make it a place that "waiting for something I don't know". In doing so, we think "GOOD NATURE It would be nice to be able to convey the way of "a little by little".


Fun memories for "food education"

In addition, experience type event "held in May GOOD NATURE In the market, children had a branding experience. We collect scraps that came out when we made the furniture, stamp it there, and have you bring it back as a key ring.


Although scrapping is just like the edge of a tree, it is a very memorable key ring by having the experience of branding yourself. At the same time, I was able to communicate about recycling in a fun way. I had to pay close attention not to burn, but I feel that it was really good to do.


This is one of the things we want to continue after opening. Not only children but also customers who are checked in at a hotel may be able to expand the scope. Hand over the plate of scraps, draw your favorite things with a heating pen and bring it home.


While having you make it one of the memories of the trip, through the effort that uses offcuts, GOOD NATURE I think that we can convey our values of “that”.



These activities are, so to speak, investments in the future. Children GOOD NATURE STATION Come and visit the five senses to experience a variety of things and create fun memories. It is the happiest thing for us if we become aware of the ingredients and producers, and in turn become a source of food education.


Motoyama Yoshiyuki (Yokoyama Motoyuki)


BIOSTYLE Co.,Ltd. EAT (market) sales department / store development department manager. Joined in 2017 through a food sales company and cafe management. While working closely with the producers, we are creating a route and store design to find out how safe and secure food can be introduced casually and happily by consumers.

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