GOOD NATURE STATION 's original cosmetic brand "NEMOHAMO", Booster oil Has the highest award, and Balance skin lotion "Sustainable Cosmetics Award" received the Kishi Akiko Award of the Selection Committee Chair. A pop-up Shop where the award-winning cosmetics from the 2019 award will be held together on a health goods floor on the 2nd floor of Ginza Loft, Tokyo, until March 6 (Fri).


Lofts are also sustainable

Ginza Loft has been operating on Namiki-dori in Ginza, Tokyo since 2017. With the renewal of last year, the store has strengthened the proposal of total lifestyle, such as increasing the number of floors, establishing a new floor for food and miscellaneous goods, and increasing the total number of items from 50,000 to 70,000.


The renewal focus was on the health goods floor, including cosmetics on the second floor. In the spacious shop with a white tone, there are about 20,000 cosmetics lined up regardless of domestic and overseas, gender and lifestyle.


Above all, the lineup of organic and natural cosmetics is enhanced. At Loft, companies are shifting to sustainable directions, such as changing shopping bags from poly to paper starting with Ginza Loft. With the rise of awareness, the flagship store, Ginza Loft, has begun to offer organic and natural cosmetics and sustainable cosmetics.


Award-winning brands line up


The “SUSTAINABLE COSMETIC MARKET” is held on such a floor. At this pop-up Shop, 9 items from 8 brands that have won each prize at the "Sustainable Cosmetics Awards", which also contributed to the SDGs through cosmetics and thoughts and stories about product creation, have been selected.


"NEMOHAMO" Wins Sustainable Cosmetic Award!




At the booth, the NEMOHAMO, which won the highest award, Booster oil , And the Kishi Akiko Award Balance skin lotion Is displayed with the award comments.



"NEMOHAMO" cosmetics are basically sold at GOOD NATURE STATION, so this is the first opportunity to try it out of your hands outside Kyoto. Mr. Ishimaru, the person in charge of setting up this pop-up, said that "From the first day of the event, women, men and foreign tourists have also received favorable reviews."


“NEMOHAMO” special space


On the shelf next to the pop-up, skin care And Hair care items Besides, Mini size face wash soap And Starter set There is also a special space of "NEMOHAMO" where you can find trial items.


Received the "Sustainable Cosmetics Award" Booster oil And Skin lotion Not only that, "NEMOHAMO" considers people and the environment that all items use. I hope you can try it in your hand.


Also, on February 29 (Sat) and March 1 (Sun), GOOD NATURE STATION staff will be standing at the store. We look forward to talking directly about how to use each item and our thoughts on our products.


Sustainable cosmetics that are gradually expanding in Japan. We hope that this “SUSTAINABLE COSMETIC MARKET” will be an opportunity for more people to experience the beauty of mind- and body-friendly cosmetics.




Dates: February 17 (Mon)-March 6 (Fri)

Time: 11: 00-21: 00

Venue: Ginza Loft 2F Health Goods Floor

Eastern Kyoto Chuo-ku Ginza 2-4-6 Ginza Velvia Museum 1~6F

Inquiries: 03-3562-6210 (main)

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