I forgot everyday and relaxed relaxedly Kyoto Stay. Enjoy with the five senses, "GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO "

I forgot everyday and relaxed relaxedly Kyoto Stay. Enjoy with the five senses, "GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO "

Scheduled to open in December this year GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO ". This hotel, which has already started reservations for accommodation, Kyoto The downtown area representing Shijo Kawaramachi It is located in the center of the city as a business and tourist base, but offers many services that will make your guests feel relaxed and relaxed.


The hotel is not independent, but it has a market, gastronomy and beauty salon in the facility. GOOD NATURE STATION The lifestyle hotel located in Kyoto We introduce "stay".


Experience the healing time using all five senses

"GOOD NATURE STATION We develop in 4-9 floors of "GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO is "GOOD NATURE The concept is "a place that can be enjoyed, touched and enjoyed by the five senses."GOOD NATURE This is a space where you can experience the entire space of this hotel.


It is this "GOOD NATURE"Hotel Kyoto" is also related to the fact that the hotel is located in a complex facility with a market on the first floor, a gastronomy on the second floor and a salon on the third floor. Not only staying, but also because it is a hotel within the facility where you can enjoy various experiences such as shopping and beauty, you can spend an unprecedented stay linked to each floor.


From the private entrance to the hotel. Then take the elevator to the 4th floor. When you enter the lobby lounge at the end of the door, you can not think of a city as green. The wall greened space spreads in front of your eyes and you can feel healing from your sight. By being wrapped in plenty of green, "GOOD NATURE We offer a space full of healing unique to HOTEL KYOTO.


For soothing music, you can connect your device to the speakers in the room and enjoy your favorite music. The dining room features a cafe-dining specializing in vegetables in the lobby lounge, a gastronomy floor on the second floor, and a market floor on the first floor, so you can choose freely.


The towels in the room are carefully designed to make the skin feel soft, and the kindness of touch is important. In this way, from the moment you step into the hotel, we will devise ways to enjoy the space with all of your five senses, and we look forward to welcoming you.


With Detox & Charge, I will be more energetic from tomorrow!

In order to realize the concept of "a place to enjoy with the five senses", ensuring the size of a room where you can relax and relax is one of the things we valued. The room configuration is approximately 140 rooms, with an area of 28 to 90 m2, taking a larger area per room and welcoming you. We offer a space where you can relax, even in the smallest room, with a large sofa that can be comfortably held by two people.


The hotel, especially the rooms, is a place with a long stay. Stay in your room to detoxify what you have in your daily life, taste delicious food that is good for your body, and charge new energy in restaurants and salons that will pull you from negative to positive. That's what we do GOOD NATURE It is a wish put in HOTEL KYOTO.


Enjoy while circulating all floors Kyoto stay

The lobby lounge on the 4th floor GOOD NATURE STATION There will be a guide on tour from the 1st floor to the 3rd floor. As well as having guest stay, we include each floor of the first floor to the third floor "GOOD NATURE"I will tell you about the experience. Guides are “through daily communication with all staff from the 1st floor to the 9th floor” GOOD NATURE I am familiar with all sorts of seasonal information in "STAION".


Guide members tell GOOD NATURE STATION The latest information on the communication between customers in the on-site tour and new GOOD NATURE “It should be a valuable presence that will also bring about encounters with things and things.


GOOD NATURE HOTEL KYOTO Through a hotel stay that you can enjoy while cycling throughout the entire building, we will deliver memories that are unforgettable in Kyoto.

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