Circulating Rice “Enkomai” ~Rice Planting Edition~

Circulating Rice “Enkomai” ~Rice Planting Edition~

A project that GOOD NATURE STATION has been implementing since before its opening, returning food waste discharged in the facility to the earth, circulating rice "Enkou rice".


With the cooperation of the NPO Japan Food Recycling Network and Omi Sonoda Farm, which practice recycling-oriented agriculture, food waste in the facility is composted (garbage disposer) and grown into agricultural fertilizer. We harvest and sell rice.


This is the second year of the project, and the staff of this facility helped with rice planting this year as well.


(Left: Seedlings before exposure to sunlight / Right: Seedlings exposed to sunlight)

From the yellow seedlings, the seedlings that grew green with a lot of sunlight were very beautiful.


The staff planted after receiving a lecture so that the rows would not be out of alignment.



After becoming an adult, I carefully plant each tree while feeling the soil with my hands and feet, which I rarely touch.



*The mask is removed only when shooting.

By visiting the site, listening to the thoughts and stories of the farmers, and experiencing it first-hand, I was able to once again feel the significance of this project.

Next time, I will tell you about the harvesting work in September.



Click here for details on circulating rice "Enkomai"

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