"Kanshin "New <Haijo] drama" created by performers from various genres. What I noticed is the power of entertainment that makes me believe in the future.

"Kanshin "New <Haijo] drama" created by performers from various genres. What I noticed is the power of entertainment that makes me believe in the future.

It's a new attempt but also a return to origin


Nakakubo: It was a rare stage where people from various genres appeared in "Kanshin's New Drama".


Hamasaki: It's a completely new drama in which a variety of people such as Noh performers, rakugo artists, and flower troupers appeared on one stage. An executive committee led by Soichiro Hayashi, a Noh performer, was set up, and it was created after a great amount of discussion. Actually, in the world of traditional performing arts, we usually don't do this kind of collaboration. However, originally in the Middle Ages, noh people and noh people were not separated, and noh people sometimes made tea. So at the root they are connected. I am interested in it and would like to convey it. I think the performers who cooperated with us this time were the ones who were aware of the true meaning of that.


One scene of "Kanshin "New <Play]" courtesy of: Kodokan


Nakakubo: How was the reaction at the performance?


Hamasaki: The people who watched the performance also said, "I haven't lost in the Edo period." It was the Edo period when people from various genres, including scholars and artists, gathered at Hirodokan in Minagawa Jionen to create various things. I was impressed by the words and I thought it was true. People in the present era, people gathered in the past, all need Kodokan. I realized that I need to spend time together and nurture this place.


Entertainment is prayer. Now is the time for culture


Nakakubo: Culture is in great trouble with this coronal disaster.


Hamasaki: I have to be careful. That's for sure, but I believe it's culture at these times. People cannot live without food. I don't know if I can eat tomorrow or next year. So pray for it. Under such circumstances, the performing arts have been nurtured. Entertainment is prayer. It means that there is the entertainment, entertainment, and art of today that evolved from there. I think it's time to return to that origin. I think that this time Corona was also an opportunity to think about such things.


Nakakubo: "Kanshin's New Drama" also gave us a glimpse into the future.


Hamasaki-"Future God" appeared at the end of the play. About this, it was heated by the executive committee until the very end (laughs). We talked every day until midnight. Noh basically talks about the past and the present, but no future story. Not to mention the name, the role, consistency in the story, intelligibility, universal way of thinking. After thinking about various things, I finally became the “Future God”. Thanks to this, it was inevitable that the Kodokan building would remain, and it may have become a stage where those who are watching can realize that the Kodokan has a future. There is no definite future anywhere. Believe in the future. Isn't that the power of the forgotten entertainment? This was a great harvest for me in this promotion, "New Drama".


"Future God" that appeared in "Kanshin "New <Daijo] Drama"" courtesy of Kodokan


A plaza in Shijo Kawaramachi where people gather and enjoy entertainment


Nakakubo: And on July 4, we had a special performance of the Kodokan lecture “No Asobi” at GOOD NATURE STATION, and Noh was played on the 4th floor. At the beginning, I was surprised that the venue became a dignified atmosphere like Noh.


Hamasaki: With a prayer for the plague dispersal, we chose "Small Blacksmith" as the performance, which is associated with the Gion Festival. Some people may think that Noh is only performed in the Noh theater, but it was originally performed on an outdoor temporary stage. By holding this event at GOOD NATURE STATION, I think that it was an opportunity for people who have never touched it to enjoy Noh. In the first place, Shijo Kawara is a place where people have gathered and performing arts. It's inevitable because there is such a place characteristic historically. The landscape has changed with the times, but I'm really happy that the square where people gather and enjoy the entertainment reappeared at Shijo Kawaramachi.



The prayers and feelings of the ancestors in the performing arts. It seems that those who watched Noh up close at the “Noh Asobi” of GOOD NATURE STATION could feel the energy in their skin. I would like to continue to be a GOOD NATURE STATION as a "station" for transmitting culture that values tradition.


Yuhisai Hirodokan

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