Assortment of products selected with the theme of sustainability. Sustainable bag sale

Assortment of products selected with the theme of sustainability. Sustainable bag sale

Continuing from last year's opening anniversary, GOOD NATURE STATION sold a limited number of "sustainable bags" to commemorate the 2nd anniversary.


"Sustainer bags" are agricultural fertilizers made by composting vegetables and fruits that are treated as nonstandard or that lead to food loss due to overproduction due to abundant crops, and food waste generated at the facility with compost in the facility. It is a great value bag selected from the viewpoint of food loss, such as rice that has been reborn and raised. It was sold in a jute bag with the facility logo that can be used everyday.


On the day of the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the business, we were able to convey the concept of the facility again by communicating more with our customers, and we sold out the 120 pieces we had prepared in about 2 hours.

■ Date and time: Thursday, December 9, 2021 11: 00-15: 00 (finished as soon as it runs out)


<Contents of sustainer bag (part)>
Tomatoes: [Wada Farm] Overkill tomatoes. Non-standard tomatoes and tomatoes that are blessed with good weather and are lost due to overproduction due to a good harvest.


Reduced pesticide Koshihikari (new rice): [Omi Sonoda Farm] Enkou rice. Rice that is made by composting food waste in the facility and reborn as agricultural fertilizer.


Lemon: [Ponpo Korando] Princess Lemon. A rare domestic product. Lemon that is treated as non-standard with a slight scratch. No wax or preservatives used.


Ginkgo: [OKULU] Ginkgo at Hirano Shrine. The entire sales of Ginkgo will be used for the reconstruction cost of the main shrine of Hirano Shrine, which was severely damaged by the typhoon three years ago.





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