Questions about accommodation

What time is check-in and check-out?
Check-in is usually from 3 pm and check-out is 11 am.​ ​
※ It may vary depending on the accommodation plan.
Can I leave my luggage before check-in and after check-out?
Yes, we will keep it for free. Please bring it to the 4th floor front.
Can I send clothes and other luggage to the hotel in advance by TA-Q-BIN?
Yes, you can send it. We will keep it until check-in.​ ​
However, raw materials, items, valuables, etc. can not be kept.​ ​
Please do not forget to fill in your "address", "check-in date" and "reservation name (full name)" and send it.
Can you send a courier from the hotel?
Yes, I can send it. Please order at the front desk.
How many days before the stay does it take?
Cancellation fee will apply from the day before the stay. The price is 20% of the room rate, 80% of the day and 100% of non-nights.​ ​
Please settle the payment or visit the hotel.
Can you wish for a high floor or a room with a nice view?
We accept it as a request. Please note that it may not be possible to meet your request depending on the availability on the day.
Can twin beds be attached to each other?
Our twin rooms are all Hollywood type with beds attached to each other.
Do you have connecting rooms?
Connecting rooms are not available. We will prepare a room next to each other upon request.
Do you have a smoking room?
All rooms are non-smoking.
Please tell me the amenities in the room.
Mineral water / Japanese tea, black tea, tea set / Safety box / Electric kettle / Air purifier with humidification function / Towels (bath towel, face towel, hand towel) / Bathrobe (in some rooms only) / Nightwear / Slippers / Hair dryer / Shampoo / Conditioner / Body soap / Cotton swab / cotton
The above items are available.
In addition, various rental items are available to make your stay in the hotel comfortable.
As part of GOOD NATURE efforts to value resources, we aim to create a non-disposable society and a recycling society.
Toothbrush / hairbrush / shaver are not available.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. (* Please tell us if you need it, because it is sold at the front desk.)
Do you have a yukata?
Nightwear is available in the rooms.
Can I use a credit card for payment?
Various credit cards such as Diners, Amex, JCB, VISA, UC, NICOS, Master etc. can be used.
About accommodation with children
There is no charge for infants and young children, who have a common bed or baby cot (free of charge).​ ​
※ Please contact us in advance if you wish to have a baby cot (free) or bed guard (free).
Is there a smoking area?
Please use the smoking area on the 3rd floor of the parking lot.
Is there a parking lot?
The hotel does not have private parking.
We will guide you to the parking lot at Good Nature Station. (Adjacent Takashimaya parking lot is not eligible for special treatment)
The parking fee is 3000 yen per night (15:00-11:00 next day).
* A separate fee will be charged for the above hours.
In addition, please note that you cannot enter and exit at night (23: 30-6: 30).
* Vehicle width 2m, vehicle height 2.1m
* Reservations are not accepted.
* Adjacent Takashimaya parking lot and the entrance of the parking lot guide road are the same.