It's actually convenient to have! Living with home compost


It's actually convenient to have! Living with home compost

2024.4.27 (Sat)

Entry fee:
500 yen (tax included)
GOOD NATURE STATION 4th floor Hotel lobby back Shop table

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From “throwing away” to “growing” food waste!

Turn food waste that is usually thrown away as combustible garbage into compost for your vegetable garden!
AgriPoucher® Compost was created with the hope that by changing food waste from ``throwing away'' to ``nurturing'', a small circulation will be created from within the kitchen, and a society where both people and the earth can smile will continue into the future. .

*AgriPoucher is a trademark of Chikyu Labo Co., Ltd. It can be purchased separately after the course ends.

Why not grow some plants this spring by growing compost from food scraps?
We will give a thorough lecture on how to use it and how to use it, including tips on how to grow compost from food scraps.

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■Date and time: April 27th (Sat) 15:30-17:00
■Location: GOOD NATURE STATION 4th floor, Shop table at the back of the hotel lobby
■Participation fee: 500 yen (tax included)
■Lecturer: Earth Labo

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